Methods of cultivation and use in landscaping of Rooting Tecoma (Tecoma radicans) 80

Tecoma is native to the southwestern United States and is an attractive plant used in interior landscaping and paving. It is preferred by many interior designers, landscape architects and lovers of garden design и тротоарни плочки с доставка.

This interesting species is a climbing deciduous shrub with stems reaching an enviable 25 m.

Attaching it to the base on which it will climb is done with adventitious roots.

Attaching the species by wrapping the stem can be seen, but very rarely. The tecoma can be climbed and attached up to 10 m in height.

The leaves are pinnate as in many species of the legume family. They consist of 7 – 11 coarsely serrated leaflets on the periphery, which reach a length of 6 (8) cm.

This interesting climbing shrub is relatively rarely used in Bulgaria. It can be found in a more specialized garden online center or less often in flower shops.

Leaves of rooting tecoma (photo Luxgarden Ltd.)

Characteristic of Tecoma radicans is that the vein on the underside of the leaves is hairy.

The flowers have the shape of funnels (similar to the flowers Brugmansia – Angel Trumpet), which are orange in color and are collected 5 – 15 in apical inflorescences. They are 5 – 8 cm long and 3 – 5 cm wide. There are also plants with red flowers used for landscaping your garden.

The fruit is a cylindrical box, about 10 cm long. People can enjoy its flowers from late July to late September for about 8 weeks.

For the good development of this beautiful plant and for it to have the maximum decorative effect, you should grow it on fresh and fertile soils, as well as in a sunnier habitat.

Tecoma (Tecoma radicans) is a relatively cold-resistant species, withstands temperatures down to -20 degrees without damage, which makes it a very malleable species, but care must be taken at temperatures below this. In our country it is used in modern vertical landscaping (the so-called vertical gardens, which are quite popular at the moment in the United States and Japan).

You can use the color of rooting tecoma (Photo Lux Garden Ltd. – Tekoma radicans) for landscaping pergolas, allowing it to be attached to wooden elements, as the decorative effect during flowering is unique. It can be used to conceal and hide unsightly walls, fences and others by misleading them. when caring for this plant it is good when it is in the garden from time to time to fertilize with manure.

It is not recommended to be used near playgrounds, kindergartens and places where there is a lot of human trafficking, because the plant is honey-bearing and attracts a large number of insects.

Some of the insects are bees and wasps to which some people are allergic and can cause great inconvenience. As decorative qualities the plant is suitable for any yard, garden, park and others, but care must be taken with its location. It is good to place it in more remote places, the plant is suitable for accent in your garden.

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