Indoor cultivation of Aglaonema (Aglaonema commutatum) 82

Aglaonema is a houseplant that does not bloom. Not suitable for the garden. It is a deciduous decorative species with dark green leaves that are colored in white or bluish spots. Aglaonema is a plant that originated in Asia Minor.

The species is not famous for its large size and therefore the plant is very suitable for growing at home, when landscaping indoors. It is widely used in interior landscaping of any home, especially when using a plastic garden grass limiter.

Its height reaches 45-50 cm. In order to grow well and have the maximum decorative effect, the plant needs as much light as possible. For this it is good to choose a place of the plant next to a window or a place that is brightly lit.

In terms of temperature, the plant is not very demanding, but too low temperatures do not tolerate it, as well as high heat. The most favorable winter temperatures are around 15 degrees, and in summer it is good to maintain maximum temperatures around 25 degrees. градински ограничител за трева

The flower grows well when the humidity is high, low humidity and dry air degrade the decorative appearance of the plant.

A very important factor for good development is an interesting picture of Aglaonema (Aglaonema commutatum) and the plant is also watered. Especially for this species, it is good not to over-water in winter and to keep the substrate slightly moist, and in summer it should be watered abundantly, but be careful not to overwater.

Overwatering leads to root rot and deterioration of the plant, and sometimes to its death.

The soil on which the plant grows should be rich in nutrients and relatively light in mechanical composition. The soil substrate should consist of leaf litter, chimovka, peat and garden soil.

It is good to fertilize the plant with a weak solution of mineral fertilizers for deciduous ornamental species. Manure can also be used. Fertilization is carried out every month in spring and summer. Fertilizers should not be overdosed, as their good development may be impaired. Before fertilizing, consult with specialists about the fertilization rates you should use.

Aglaonema forms shoots that are used to propagate the plant in spring or summer. Shoots are planted in soil substrate. Without being placed in a container with water for rooting, as with many plants.

An important fact to keep in mind is that the plant does not tolerate cigarette smoke and air currents. Under such unfavorable conditions, it quickly turns yellow and acquires a poor decorative appearance. It is also possible to drop the leaves and kill the plant.

It is good to spray the leaves in the summer, because this species loves high humidity, and the climate of Bulgaria has clear continental qualities, which means that the summer is hot and dry. By irrigating the leaf mass, this species develops optimally and does not lose its decorative value.

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