Wax (Hoya bella) – what care should we take for it 121

The beautiful flowers of Hoya bella The wax is a very beautiful plant, the homeland of which is from Asia. More precisely, his homeland is India, where many tomato seeds and spices originate.

This species is very suitable for growing in apartment conditions due to its small size. Its size in our conditions reaches a height of about 30 cm and a width of about 45 cm. It is one of these plants suitable for indoor conditions.

In its natural habitat it can reach slightly larger sizes. The leaves are oblong-elliptic and are very slightly serrated on the periphery. The wax is very effective during flowering. It blooms for a relatively long period of time from May to August with beautiful white, not very attractive and large flowers. Used in landscaping and design of gardens and yards. семена на зеленчуци и домати

Wax does not like to be exposed to direct sunlight, it does not reflect well.

Direct sunlight can lead to the deterioration of the decorative effect of the plant, and sometimes to its death, because direct rays burn the organs of the plant, especially if it is near white concrete paving slabs.

Leaves of Wax (Hoya bella)

Therefore, it is recommended in winter to place the plant so that it is in indirect sunlight, and in summer – in a place with partial shade to deep shade. In terms of temperatures, this species likes relatively high temperatures, but not too high. тротоарни бетонови плочки

In winter it develops well at temperatures around 15ºС, and in summer the temperatures should be around 22ºС.

During the summer months, the plant can be taken outside on the balcony or in the yard, but if autumn comes, the pot with the plant should be returned to the room to prevent frost. The location of the pot should be such as to allow the plant to breathe and grow in width. It is demanding to the air humidity as well as to the light.

The humidity must be very high. Therefore, when the wax is grown at home with central heating, some measures must be taken to increase the humidity. One of these measures is the spraying of the leaves. Dry air should never be compensated by excessive watering of the soil.

Regarding watering in winter, it is good not to overdo the watering, it is good to keep the soil moist (Hoya bella) moist, and in summer water abundantly, but with good drainage, and try not to overwater, because it can to have a bad effect. A soil mixture is suitable for potted plants. The plant grows well on clay or peat substrate, rich in nutrients.

For the proper development and achieving the maximum decorative effect of the plant, it is good to fertilize every 3-4 weeks. Fertilization is done with a weak liquid fertilizer in the period from May to August, when the plant blooms.

Propagation is easily done by cuttings with a length of about 5 – 8 cm. In the spring these cuttings are placed sand and when roots appear, they are transplanted into the soil substrate. It is recommended every 3 years, when the pot becomes small for the plant, to be transplanted into a larger pot for homes or work pots. работни саксии

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