The three most poisonous plants in the world 118

Abrus precatorius:
The seeds of this plant contain a lectin known as abrin. If you chew and swallow it, it causes death.

You can easily recognize its seeds by their bright red color and the only black dot.

This plant inactivates ribosomes in the body and is one of the strongest toxins on earth.

It causes fever, vomiting, swelling and fatal seizures, nausea, salivation and digestive dysfunction, kidney degeneration, retinal and bladder bleeding.

Flowers of Eupatorium rugosum Eupatorium rugosum:

Dandelion is one of the most dangerous plants for livestock тревни смески цена.

If cows consume the attractive white fluffy flowers and stems of dandelion, the toxin tremetol accumulates in their milk and bones.

People who consume infected animal products develop milk disease (a tremetol poisoning).

Milk disease has killed the mother of US President Abraham Lincoln, Nancy Hanks.

Fruits of Taxus baccata (yew) Taxus baccata:

English yew or Taxus baccata („taxus“ means toxin) is one of the deadliest trees on our planet.

This evergreen tree has a majestic and lush appearance and is found in the forests of Europe.

Yew is a plant with a rather sad history. All parts of the plant, except the flesh of the fruit, are extremely poisonous.

Its toxin causes convulsions and paralysis, before it was used for abortions.

Pharmacists dried and crushed the leaves and gave them in small amounts to desperate women on days when there was no birth control. Unfortunately, these measures often ended in death. The main toxin in yew is a toxin, it suppresses heart activity. Yew acts extremely fast and has no antidote.

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