Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) – and its use in fragrant gardens 122

Labyrinth of bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) Bay leaf is a relatively well-known plant, which in our country is grown not only as an ornamental plant but also as a spice. The hosts use it to prepare many recipes in their kitchen, and gardening enthusiasts use its varietal seeds to grow it in their greenhouses from Israeli polyethylene for the greenhouse. бетонни паркинг елементи вибропресовани

The origin of the bay leaf is from the Mediterranean. Its dimensions are convenient for growing it in apartment conditions. It reaches a maximum height of 1 m, which allows it to be located in any corner of the apartment. Flowering is very pleasant, its duration is from May to July with relatively small yellow flowers.

The leaves of this species are oblong-lanceolate, slightly hard to the touch and slightly toothed on the periphery. It is demanding to the light. For its good development and the proper course of its physiological processes, the plant needs bright light. It also tolerates direct sunlight.

Bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) Bay leaf expresses its maximum decorative effect when placed on an east or west window. This species grows well at positive temperatures in both winter and summer. In some countries, this species can also be used for landscaping of pre-block spaces. In some places it can be used for landscaping the garden as one of the interesting species.

The only condition regarding the temperature is that it does not fall below 0ºC. If the temperature is allowed to fall below these degrees, the plant may suffer permanent damage that cannot be repaired. This impairs its decorative effect. During the summer months the plant can be exported to outdoor conditions in the yard or on the balcony.

Humidity should be neither too high nor too low, the plant grows well in moderate humidity. During the summer months, when the plant is outside, the crown can be watered in the evening to refresh. This watering should not be done during the day, as this can cause the leaves to burn. Depending on where the plant is located, it is watered differently when the plant is in room conditions, it is watered moderately and in winter, if the plant is in outdoor conditions, watered abundantly.

Leaves and fruits of bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) Be careful not to overwater and retain water around the roots, this is achieved with good drainage at the bottom of the pot. Root rot can lead to plant death or deterioration of its decorative effect.

The soil on which the bay leaf grows best is heavy soil composed of garden soil, well-rotted manure, leaf litter and sand. These ingredients are mixed to obtain the ideal substrate – with good mechanical composition and rich in nutrients. It is good in the spring and summer to fertilize with a weak liquid fertilizer.

This species reproduces best and fastest vegetatively or more precisely with cuttings or root shoots. Otherwise it can be propagated by seeds. It is interesting in this form that the hosts can directly collect the leaves from the plant and leave them to dry, and use them as a spice in their colinar works.

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