How to design, build and operate a roof garden 117

Interesting grassy roofs of small eco housesWhen preparing a project for roof landscaping, it is necessary to keep in mind that in this type of exterior landscaping the structure must withstand a large load, unevenly distributed over the roof area. тревни смески цени

This means that before taking any action, you must first agree with a civil engineer to calculate what load your roof can take, even if you only plan to build ryegrass grass seeds with plastic parking fixtures.

The whole system of drainage, soil and plants, together with the anticipated amount of snow, loads the roof with about 400-500 kg / m2. Keep in mind that the grassing of the roof with grass mixtures for roofs brings additional tartar

This is provided that grass species are planted and the fertile substrate is 15-20 cm. If small trees and shrubs are to be planted, however, the soil must be at least 50 cm and the load will reach 700 kg / m2.

Beautiful roof garden It is necessary to take into account the wind load. Due to these loads, the external elements of the structure should be made of materials that are highly resistant to external influences, and the structure itself should be designed to remain stable in strong winds and heavy rain.

Roofing membranes based on modified bitumens, polyvinyl chloride and ethylene-propylene modified with polyolefins are used for waterproofing. These waterproofings, in addition to protecting against water and moisture, must withstand temperature amplitudes to be chemically and biologically stable and durable. It is desirable to use specialized root-resistant types of membranes.

A protective layer of geotextile is placed on the roof waterproofing (its function is to let the water through, but does not allow the smallest soil particles to be exported). Above it is the drainage layer. It is usually made of high-strength roll material, based on perforated high-density polyethylene (HDPE), on which fine gravel is sprinkled. A filter layer follows above. Its purpose is to protect the drainage from clogging with soil particles. Geotextiles with different composition, density and thickness are used. Above them is the soil layer, which must be selected in thickness and quality to provide optimal conditions for vegetation.

Roof garden – an ideal place for recreationRoof drainage system in roof gardens is designed and implemented in a way that ensures reliable drainage of all water runoff coming from the rains, melting snow and watering. For this purpose it is necessary to take into account some factors, the most important of which are: the size of the roof area, the slope, the type of vegetation, the type of soil substrate, etc. бетонни паркинг тела

When building roof gardens, it is good to turn to specialists in the field, because the construction is accompanied by many technological subtleties and the possibility of leaking roof is quite high when the roof garden is built by non-professionals. Another important point is the maintenance of your roof garden. It is advisable to hire a company that offers subscription garden maintenance at good prices.

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