Use and cultivation of Lettuce (Beta vulgaris) 73

This is a universally attractive garden plant, which has long been forgotten as a salad plant and is now mainly used to decorate various gardens and balconies.

It is known to botanists, landscape architects and amateur gardeners with its Latin name Beta vulgaris and quality beetroot seeds.

This already steak vegetable has become one of the most attractive ornamental plants currently used in landscaping.

It is valued for its large leaves, which are not only quite tasty, but also extremely decorative and eye-catching.

In general, lettuce has two varieties, one being the stalked beet and the other the leaf beet. семена на домати

The leaves of both species are cooked as you cook spinach, which means that you do not need to remove the leaf stalks and leaf veins.

Lettuce (Beta vulgaris) Lettuce leaves are straight, have fairly long leaf stalks and can be wrinkled or smooth, and the color of the leaves can be from light green to deep green.

In the case of beetroot, the color of the leaf stalks is characteristic, which can be yellow, and in the case of stem beet varieties, the leaf stalks can be white in color or bright red.

The height at which lettuce grows is about 30 to 50 cm. When you have made a choice to grow lettuce, it is good to provide a place on the balcony or garden that is semi-shady or sunny.

It is good to plant it in a medium-sized pot in early April. You need to water your beets regularly because it does not tolerate prolonged drought.

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) You should also be careful not to overmoisten it, because it can rot and die.

You must keep the soil in good condition, which means that you should regularly nourish it and maintain it with optimal humidity. Beetroot is one of the species in landscaping that is not demanding to the soil reaction.

In principle, you can pick it two months after planting it, and if you have chosen one of the varieties of stem beets, you will need to wait three months before picking.

The plant is propagated and grown by sowing white lettuce seeds in gardens and yards.

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