Use and cultivation of Lettuce (Beta vulgaris) 73

This is a universally attractive garden plant, which has long been forgotten as a salad plant and is now mainly used to decorate various gardens and balconies.

It is known to botanists, landscape architects and amateur gardeners with its Latin name Beta vulgaris and quality beetroot seeds.

This already steak vegetable has become one of the most attractive ornamental plants currently used in landscaping.

It is valued for its large leaves, which are not only quite tasty, but also extremely decorative and eye-catching.

In general, lettuce has two varieties, one being the stalked beet and the other the leaf beet. семена на домати

The leaves of both species are cooked as you cook spinach, which means that you do not need to remove the leaf stalks and leaf veins.

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An array built of vegetation 69

In general, in the past, begonias were used only for the interior, but nowadays, with the development of flower production and landscape design, they are a great opportunity to create colorful wonders outdoors.

The begonias are originally from South America. The interesting thing about them is that new varieties and crosses are easily created, and currently a huge number of cascading and upright varieties in all kinds of colors have been created, be it kitschy or simple, except for blue and violet.

Planted in wooden baskets, these amazing plants give a unique color and beautiful atmosphere to your yard, garden or balcony. In some regions of the country these plants can be used for flowering garden plants.

Tuberous begonias (Begonia tuberhybrida) There are also species that are suitable for hanging vessels, which also contributes to the many compositions and combinations that you can create if you harness your imagination.

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