How are herbal medicines prepared 74

There are many ways to prepare herbal medicines, but the most common are those that are prepared by combining the herbs with water, alcohol, water and alcohol, ether and ether and alcohol, especially if you have quality pink tomato seeds.

There are many ways, but it is important to know both the herbs and the recipes for their preparation, because otherwise you risk getting poisoned or even lead to more serious consequences.

The most common is the way in which herbs combine with water to form infusions or decoctions.

Disgust is prepared by crushing the herbs and of great importance is the size of the particles on which the herbs are crushed. For each part of the plant is different and the permissible size of the particles that may participate in the decoction.

For leaves and flowers the size should not exceed 4 – 5 mm, for plants with leathery leaves the size should not exceed 3 mm and for fruits and seeds the permissible particle size is not more than 0.5 mm and more than 1 mm , for stem, roots and rhizome.

Boiling herbal decoction

To prepare the infusion, the crushed herb is placed in any container, as long as it is not aluminum, and a thermos can be used, which preserves the volatile substances.

To prepare the infusion, a covered vessel is used, in which the crushed herbs are placed and poured with boiling water, and the decoction is prepared by boiling the water with the herbs for a certain time, and for each herb this time is different.

When making a decoction or infusion, the more the amount of water increases, the more time it takes to prepare them. Once the decoction is prepared, it is filtered through gauze or cotton.

It is good to strain it well, because sometimes when pieces of the herb remain in the decoction, it spoils or becomes stronger and you risk overdosing when using it.

When the infusion is made, the herbs are placed in a herbal decoction from a cooker suitable for this purpose and filled with boiling water, left for about 20 minutes under a lid and then filtered.

Add water if necessary.

There is another way to prepare the decoction, one of them is called the cold way. It represents, after the water has been boiled, it is left to be true and the herbs are flooded with it, leaving it to stand for a day.

Then strain and the decoction is ready for use.

Infusions and decoctions should not be used after a stay of more than 2-3 days.

In some cases, decoctions and infusions need sweetening, it is recommended to use honey, because there are studies that honey does not interact with herbal decoctions, does not reduce their healing effect, but on the contrary enhances it.

In any case, it is good to know the plant and its healing properties.

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