Landscaping with Centenarian (Agave americana) 62

Agave or centenarian is a rather bizarre plant, known in the field of landscaping and landscape design with its Latin name Agave Americana. In natural conditions it is an attractive garden plant.

This plant makes incredibly beautiful compositions and combinations with abundantly flowering garden plants, is often used for landscaping of a villa or house, landscaping of gardens in residences and other representative green areas, landscaping of cafes and restaurants.

In general, the agave is an evergreen plant (which means that in winter its leaves do not fall off, but are preserved in the same form as they are in other seasons). It forms extremely interesting rosettes, which are composed of broad lanceolate leaves with sharp tips.

This interesting type of ornamental plant is rarely used in Bulgaria. You can see it in compositions in the style of a Japanese garden or as a solitaire in the center of a beautiful lawn, built of professional grass mixtures, combined with white marble mosaic and decorative stones.

This plant blooms extremely rarely, sometimes it takes 10-15 years to bloom once, even in natural conditions. Even if you grow it in the optimal conditions in your yard and garden, it will need to be loaded with great patience and the most important thing is to be lucky.

Centenarian (Agave amercana) This makes it quite popular with avid gardeners and collectors in the field of gardening. Until recently, it was quite fashionable in the United States to own this species, and in England there was even a fan club where the owners of this plant exchanged experiences and boasted about flowering, after many years of care.

In general, the flowers are yellow and appear on fairly long stems, it is characteristic that after flowering the plant dies.

The size that this plant can reach is quite impressive, it can reach from 50 to 200 cm. Agave amercana is a succulent plant (this means that it has fleshy leaves in which it stores a large amount of water. This type of plant is quite typical for areas with permanent droughts or areas where it rains extremely rarely and in small quantities. These fleshy leaves are formed by the so-called aquifer, in which the plant absorbs water very quickly after rainfall and literally stores it there. of water.), which originates from the arid regions of Mexico and the Mediterranean.

Centennial (Agave amercana) The plant loves heat, it is good to place it in places that are illuminated by the sun.

If you do not have the opportunity to provide it with constant direct sunlight, you can place it in a colorful shade, but you must protect it from rain. It is good to place it on your own, because it does not require regular watering like most types of grass mixtures, for example. If you have an automated irrigation system, position it so that it is not constantly wetted by sprinklers.

And my recommendation is to be careful when touching it, because you can easily call the sharp thorns located on the leaves.

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