Landscaping of office and garden with Bamboo (Bambusa ventricosa) 64

Bamboo is a very popular lately garden plant (especially in the production of bamboo stakes), it is known to professionals in the field of landscaping and landscaping, as well as amateur gardeners with its Latin name Bambusa ventricosa. бамбукови колове

From this plant has a huge variety of shapes and varieties, which makes it quite preferred for many gardens and balconies, landscaping a garden in front of an office and office – building, arranging gardens in private houses, villas and more. Combines well with garden accessories.

Bambusa ventricosa is an evergreen plant, which means that it retains its leaves throughout the year (as are the decorative grass mixtures), which means that you enjoy a year-round decorative effect from it. It originates from the tropical parts of Asia, America and Africa.

If you have chosen bamboo for the creation of your own paradise on the balcony and bamboo (Bambusa ventricosa) in the garden, it is good to get acquainted with the requirements of the respective variety before buying it.

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Use in landscaping and medicine of Aloe (Aloe sp.) 63

Aloe is a very rich genus of ornamental plants, known in the field of landscaping and landscape architecture with its Latin name Aloe.

The genus Aloe contains many species, in general it is an evergreen shrub (this means that its leaves do not fall off in winter, but are preserved throughout the year, only the old ones die off, and new ones appear in their place). In the interior it is used with different types of flowers. Used in interior landscaping of any home.

This plant originates from the island of Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. Characteristic of these plants is that they are succulents, which means that their leaves are fleshy and they store water in them to cope with the difficult conditions of their natural habitat. That is why this plant is valued.

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Landscaping with Centenarian (Agave americana) 62

Agave or centenarian is a rather bizarre plant, known in the field of landscaping and landscape design with its Latin name Agave Americana. In natural conditions it is an attractive garden plant.

This plant makes incredibly beautiful compositions and combinations with abundantly flowering garden plants, is often used for landscaping of a villa or house, landscaping of gardens in residences and other representative green areas, landscaping of cafes and restaurants.

In general, the agave is an evergreen plant (which means that in winter its leaves do not fall off, but are preserved in the same form as they are in other seasons). It forms extremely interesting rosettes, which are composed of broad lanceolate leaves with sharp tips.

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