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What are the right potted plants for the garden? With the exception of large large trees such as oak or redwood, as well as those that develop a strong root system (or plants with a long central root), almost all plants are suitable for growing in pots and pots, as long as you have a large enough container.

Even these large trees can be grown in pots, but will not reach the size they could reach if you plant them in the yard. Such trees are often grown in pots by professionals in the field of bonsai, participating in the creation of a unique design in the garden and yard. But for the balcony are not very suitable, in the world there is a huge variety of vegetation that you could use for this purpose.

There is a wide range of different in type, color, decorative effect, etc. Some have spectacular flowering, others are deciduous, others have interesting fruits.

Before you start choosing the vegetation for your little paradise you need to make an extremely detailed decoration of stairs with potted flowers analysis of the situation itself. It starts with the size of the place, then you need to carefully consider what you will use the place, because when arranging the vegetation does not happen so that this part of your garden or balcony becomes unusable.

The other extreme should not be allowed, namely to place too small plants on a large area in the garden, because in this way the plants look unnatural and are kind of a gadget to the whole situation. You should also not say and put only one large plant, because the effect is similar to small plants.

Once you have considered all this, you need to see the climatic features of your place. Find out if there is direct sunlight, how long it is, what part of the day it is. This is extremely important for the normal development of your plants. However, you should not plant plants that grow in the northern United States or Canada and leave them outside during the winter months. Consider whether you have parts with half-shadow and shadow.

Judge whether the temperature of the place is appropriate. Of great importance are also the water sources that you plan to water your future plants. The best option is to build an automatic irrigation system, but this requires a lot of money, and you will need specialized help. Another cheaper option are ordinary plastic sprinklers, which are attached to the garden hose. You can find them in almost all specialized garden centers.

After these analyzes, the selection of vegetation is started. It must be fully compliant with the conditions offered by your place in order for your plants to grow optimally well. It is good to anticipate the location of each individual plant so that there is no competition between species, this is done taking into account their height.

It is very important to know the types of plants you will use and their features and requirements. An interesting balcony box is to take into account the flowering periods of the individual species, the good masters in the field of gardening choose their species so that there are flowering plants throughout the year. In general, the selection of vegetation depends on your taste and preferences. After all, this is your garden and it’s all up to you.

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