Growing flower pots in winter 55

This is one of the disadvantages of most garden and balcony flowers, namely that they do not withstand our harsh winter (with the exception of only some winter-hardy species), if we do not take measures against it.

Low temperatures affect them a lot because the containers in which we grow them cool down quite quickly, and the water in them freezes, which not only damages the plants, but can also damage the containers if they do not have the necessary elasticity, especially vulnerable are ceramic pots. break from the pressure of the ice. Plastic containers are quite suitable in this regard, but in any case the plant dies, unless they are made of quality cold-resistant plastic and pour them with insulation or put them in a greenhouse of Israeli polyethylene for greenhouses. израелски полиетилен за оранжерии

It is important to store your non-winter hardy plants indoors before the autumn frosts begin. The place should not be heated, it is good to be dry, and the temperature should not fall below 0 degrees.

For some species that are much more capricious to temperature conditions, it is good even if the room temperature does not fall below 10 g Flowers at the beginning of winter.

If you have such plants, it is good to provide a way to maintain this temperature by providing a heater.

However, you should know that most of the heating appliances dry the air extremely much (heating, for example) and it is good to take care of this part of the requirements of your vegetation, especially if it is of tropical origin.

The most suitable premises for this purpose are the stairs (indoor) and especially the winter gardens.

It is also important to know the specifics of plants, because there are species that need complete cutting of their aboveground part and such plants need a dark and cool room, for example, basements or garages are quite suitable.

If you have large plants that need to spend the winter outdoors, they must be moved to the most sheltered place, most often sent to walls, various niches or screens, generally in places protected from wind.

It is good to wrap the pot with a plastic porous fabric, which should be wrapped several times around the pot, you can tie it with wire or rope.

Another option for protecting potted plants from winter cold is by covering them with straw or reeds, as flower pots of interesting plants must be placed on some insulating material so that they do not come into direct contact with the ground.

Another important point is to pay attention to the soil moisture in the pot. It is important to water the plants once every 4-6 weeks, because otherwise they will dry out and die.

Palm trees, for example, that need to overwinter in the light need watering more often.

It is very important to overwinter before the early autumn frosts, because they can permanently damage your plants.

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