The beautiful inflorescences of Decorative lily (Agapanthus) 56

This is a very interesting potted plant, which is known in the field of landscaping with its Latin name Agapanthus.

It originates from South Africa, and the most characteristic of it are its inflorescences, which are umbrella-shaped and are located on long straight smooth stems.

Agapanthus is a very attractive plant that attracts the eye, wherever in the gardens to place it. градински ландшафтен ограничител

It is also known as the African lily or the flower of love. The habitus of the plant itself is quite interesting, about 100 cm tall flowering stems rise gracefully over a very dense tuft of extremely delicate light green ribbon-like leaves that protrude above the edges of the pot or in the garden, surrounded by a quality landscape garden limiter.

In the period from July to September at the top of the flowering stems appear inflorescences. They are umbellate and are formed by many small funnel-shaped flowers. In general, the inflorescences are blue, but you can also find varieties with white flowers. Decorative lily (Agapanthus sp.) Tove. Depending on the type and variety of the plant, it can reach an impressive height of 70 to 150 cm. For this plant, a protected place is recommended, which should be illuminated by sunlight.

In order for it to grow optimally, the soil in which you grow it should be rich in nutrients, permeable (this means that it does not retain much moisture, because over-wetting in this species can lead to rot and hence the death of the plant), the soil must also be well drained. You need to water it regularly, but moderately and regularly feed it.

Once again, I remind you to be careful with watering, because this plant has quite fleshy roots, which easily rot due to excessive moisture. Also, the roots of this species are quite decorative lily (Flower of Love) powerful and it is good to provide a larger vessel, because otherwise they can break the smaller one. It usually blooms from July to September. Some of the better known species are Agapanthus africanus, Agapanthus companulatus and Agapanthus praecox.

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