Ways to strengthen the vegetation in the yard 54

How to strengthen our plants?

This is a very important issue that is highly valued in landscaping and various types of gardening services. Especially for some species that develop a powerful aboveground part, which, however, is not stable enough to bear its own weight.

This is a very characteristic feature of so-called creeping or creeping plants.

Many plant species have long stems or grow quite rapidly in height and need support to grow normally, especially near plastic parking elements.

Otherwise, they may break off under the pressure of their own weight. цени на пластмасови паркинг елементи

That is why it is extremely important to provide them with strong support at the very beginning of their development. The support is important both to be strong and to have a good aesthetic appearance.

Some of the plants fall from the support only in the first few months or years (different for different species) of their life.

When plants are fast-growing, they grow rapidly in artificial net height and it often happens that their root system fails to keep the stem in a stable condition. This is a prerequisite for the plant to break and die.

For this it is necessary while the root system is well developed to put a support to protect the plant from windbreaks (this is the breaking of part of the plant due to wind), from windbreaks (uprooting the plant due to wind), from snowdrifts ( breaking branches or other parts of the plant due to the snow cover) and snowdrifts (uprooting a plant due to the weight of the snow cover).

Newly planted trees, for example, need at least 1-2 years to be attached to a support, because this is the period in which they adapt to the new place and their root system develops so that it can hold the plant in its place and accordingly protects from windbreaks and windbreaks (damage that the plant receives due to strong winds).

There are other types of plants that need support throughout their lives. These are the so-called climbing plants. It is also recommended to use supports for roses and tomatoes. The supports in roses and tomatoes play an important role, they prevent the breaking of the stems due to the weight of the fruit (in tomatoes) and the flowers (in roses).

There is a huge variety of reinforcement of wire through wire mesh supports, both in size and in the material of which they are composed, and according to what plant they will be used.

For example, for climbing plants, the support needs to be vertical, vertical pegs combined with wire or ropes.

It is recommended to use grates made of rope or wood for creeping plants. For roses, for example, a frame with more vertical elements is suitable. For fruit trees in the garden, it is recommended to use a lattice of slats.

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