How to properly fertilize our flowers? 53

In order to optimally grow your ornamental plants in the yard, to grow quickly, to bloom profusely and with large flowers, to grow optimally, it is necessary to know the technology of proper fertilization.

It is very important before you start fertilizing to get acquainted with the nutrient requirements of the species, because different types of plants have different preferences for soil nutrition. Some prefer more nutrient-rich soils, while others are not at all capricious, but there is generally no plant that does not need nutrients to survive. различни видове минерални торове

It is important that you are even tired of planting a plant that is at a good age (for example, one year), feed it periodically to make sure that it really gets the nutrients it needs.

In practice, there are various shovels stuck in the manure fertilizer types of mineral fertilizers, but they are mainly divided into two large groups – organic (natural) and mineral fertilizers (artificial).
However, compost is most often used in gardens, its advantage is that it not only improves the nutritional regime of the soil, but also improves its mechanical properties (moisture retention, air regime).

Mineral fertilizers or artificial fertilizers are produced synthetically and provide plants with the main ingredients they need, which are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

In addition to standard fertilizers, there are also quite specialized crops for a particular crop, such as roses or tomatoes. As these fertilizers meet the specific needs of the plant. Mineral fertilizer is valued for grassing and is often used for this activity. You can find such fertilizers in the various specialized garden centers, where they are offered under the leveling of soil with a rake shape (they can be liquid concentrate, granules, sticks), and for each fertilizer the concentrate is indicated and how to use it.

There are also so-called slow-acting fertilizers, which when applied to the soil release nutrients slowly and gradually.

This prevents the loss of nutrients from watering and facilitates their absorption by plants.

It is very important to know the specifics of plants and their needs, it is also important to know the fertilizer you will use to avoid overdose. If you are not sure about your knowledge of the requirements of the plants or the type of fertilizer you need to use, consult a specialist.

Usually in specialized garden centers, from which you can get fertilizer, they can give you good advice.

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