How to properly water our potted flowers 52

Proper watering is extremely important for the normal development of flowers and ornamental plants in our yard and garden, to bloom and grow at optimal speeds.

It is also important to feed them with mineral fertilizers regularly, to keep them free of weeds, and many plants also need to be constantly pruned, strengthened or transplanted into containers of different sizes.

It may seem easy to water, but proper watering is quite difficult, especially the plants for the balcony. минерални торове

With them, the water evaporates rather quickly than with garden flowers, but if you put too much on them, you can overmoisten them and create a precondition for some fungal diseases and rot, as well as deterioration of the air regime of the soil.

The good old garden watering can, because the large amount of water reduces the soil air, and the soil compacts a lot.

Rains are also often not very favorable for your potted plants, because usually the dense foliage does not allow raindrops to reach the soil, and from there to the root system of plants.

On the other hand, if the amount of rainfall is higher or it rains quite often, the plants can get waterlogged and they can die.

There is a general rule for watering, and that is that the larger the pot of the plant and the greater the amount of soil mixture, the more elementary the watering regime.

But when decorating with small containers, especially the various hanging baskets, chests, pots, which usually have a small amount of soil, and hence the need for constant watering, which means quite often but in small doses of water.

Especially in hot weather you should water more often, small pots twice a day.

Watering potted flowers with a simple plastic bottle The surest way to find out if your plant needs water is to stick your finger in the soil and if it is dry to a depth of 3 cm it must be watered, otherwise you risk losing it.

It is very important to water only the soil during the heat, in no case the leaves of the plant, because you will scald them.

The leaf mass is quite sensitive at this time of year, because when water gets on the leaves, the effect of the magnifying glass is obtained, the sunlight doubles its intensity and burns the leaves of your plant.

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