How to plant a potted plant? 51

Planting plants in pots, pots and different types of pots is extremely important for their normal development in landscaping, for their decorative effect in the garden and longevity. Potted plants are suitable for arranging with garden furniture.

The first step, of course, is the choice of court. It must comply with the size and requirements of the species to be planted in it. In general, the variety of dishes is huge.

According to the material, shape, depth, width. It is very difficult to determine which material is most suitable for a given plant. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, but since ancient Egypt and to this day the best specialists in the field of gardening and private gardens, in the US and Japan, for example, prefer good old ceramics as opposed to modern plastic flower pots or various special containers for grass mixtures new. нови тревни смески

Its advantages are that it retains moisture in the soil quite well, as moving a white mule from a pot to a permanent place absorbs part of it, it is also quite durable material and has a very good decorative effect.

Once you have complied with all the requirements of your plant for the pot and you have chosen it, you can proceed to the following planting or transplanting operations.

You must put some kind of drainage on the bottom of the container. The function of this drainage is to drain the unnecessary amount of water from the watering.

This prevents overwetting and rotting of the plant. Solid material such as pieces of tiles, stones, pieces of bark, etc. can be used for drainage.

Drainage is placed on the bottom of the pot or the appropriate container, being careful not to clog the openings.

Once you have done the drainage, you should cover it with soil. The soil is initially poured to the level at which the root system of the plant will be located.

If you bought the soil from specialized garden centers, it is usually sold in well-compacted soil packages and it is recommended to loosen it in advance. You can also add a universal fertilizer by mixing it with the soil in the pot, maybe by hand.

You should remove the plant you bought from the garden center (it is usually in a plastic container) from its previous container.

Carefully squeeze it and pat it lightly, the root system should not be disturbed. Then place it in its new habitat, being careful again with the root system and adjusting it to the correct position.

It is good to have at least three fingers between the root system and the walls of the pot. Pour soil in this empty space and compact it well, but carefully. It is mandatory to plant a coniferous tree to water.

Water near the roots, but gently lightly. Thus, by watering your plant is firmly attached to the substrate, because the soil is compacted.

If the soil settles after watering, it is very good to add extra soil. The root system should not appear on the surface.

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