How to choose suitable pots for plants 48

How to choose pots for our leafy ornamental or flowering ornamental plants for the yard or garden? This is a very interesting issue that poses a great challenge, namely achieving unity. Unity is the most important condition for the creation of a unique and beautiful landscape design of the yard and garden, as well as in the interior landscaping of offices, hotels, homes and restaurants.

When growing plants, there is a huge variety of different types of flower pots.

The flowers and the pots in which you grow them should form a single whole, the pot should look as if it is part of a plant. Combined in this way, flowers and dishes can form incredibly beautiful accents in your yard or garden, and vice versa, if they are not harmoniously connected, they can look out of place and, accordingly, irritate and cause discomfort.

These design tips are strictly individual for everyone. However, the purpose of the garden is to please you, not to follow canons set by someone, but always pay attention to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers for flowers. минерални торове за цветя

Of great importance is not only the size of the container for Plastic container for ornamental plants, but also its shape and the material from which it is made.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of vessel shapes – right, wrong. In the USA and Japan, the unique shapes made by various famous sculptors are used and are extremely popular at the moment.

Artists sell their creations for indecent amounts, but fortunately many people look for them and buy them. The price of an author’s pot varies from 28 to 50 thousand euros. In most cases, however, this pot is not suitable for vegetation.

Another important part is the material from which the respective vessels are made. Quite a lot of variety again – starting from the many types of metals that exist, the many wood, ceramics and ending with the good old plastic, which is the cheapest and most durable.

There are quite good solutions from a combination of these materials. The combination of wood and plastic and between metal and plastic is most often used, as the plastic in which the plant is inspected is placed in the metal or wooden pot, and thus the hiding of the ugly plastic pot is achieved. Usually different types of inert materials are poured on top – felt, sand, artificial beads and many others.

Undoubtedly, the most important thing is to provide such a container that your plant grows normally. To do this, you must carefully study the requirements of flowers, because they are different for each species. For example, plants with a deep root system (such as most types of roses) prefer deeper pots, others that are shallow do not require such deep pots.

You must also assess the stability of the pot, in landscaping practice there is a rule that the taller a plant, the higher and heavier its pot should be.

And to get a single harmonious whole between the pot and the plant, you should not only consider your own taste, but also your surroundings. It is good to consider the architecture of your house, the shape and overall style of the garden and interior.

Of great importance are the colors, as a plastic container for ornamental plants of flowers and the vessels and their surroundings. In color solutions it is also extremely important to choose them so as to obtain a harmonious whole.

Combinations such as purple, pink and red, for example, are quite difficult to combine, and bright colors such as blue, red, yellow and white combine quite well.

The colors of the dishes are preferably chosen in colors close to those of the finger – beige, terracotta or some neutral colors. The material from which the vessel is made is also quite crucial.

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