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In order for our interior plants to develop normally, whether they are leafy ornamental or coniferous, it is extremely important to know how, as true professionals in the field of landscaping and landscape design, to decorate with them and plant them professionally in pots, planters and various by type of boxes.

It is very important before we start to know the species and their specifics. What are their needs, what space they need and respectively what soil is needed especially if growing them near concrete paving slabs.
Plants can survive and develop optimally (and get their respective decorative appearance and lifespan) in your yard and garden if and only if we provide them with the conditions they so need. бетонови тротоарни плочки

We must not only provide them with enough space, but also feed and water them regularly, and we must also prevent excessive retention of soil moisture. Excessive watering causes the root system to rot and this can permanently damage or kill your plant. In order not to get this thing should be watered sparingly, both according to the moisture requirements of the plant species and the conditions of the environment in which you grow it (air temperature and humidity).

Watering also depends on the season, for example in summer it is watered more often and smaller amounts are used, and in winter it is watered with smaller amounts, but less often. In spring and autumn it is watered according to the requirements of the plant (abundantly regularly or a little but regularly). It is quite common for plants not to grow well because they are planted incorrectly or transplanted too early or too late. It is good not to transplant or plant plants during the summer heat, because the plants do not tolerate it well. It is best to consult specialists.

In garden centers, staff usually give recommendations for the plants and when to plant them. Usually the plants that are sold in the current season are suitable for planting and transplanting. For example, plants that are available in specialized garden centers in the summer are suitable for planting only in the summer.

It is good even if you have informed yourself before buying a plant (say from specialized literature) to consult with the professionals in the garden flower in a simple plastic box from which you will buy it, just in case, because nowadays there are a huge number of varieties that have their own characteristics.

Once you have chosen your favorite plant and have already studied it quite thoroughly, it is time to choose the right container for it (with the right size, depth, color and material from which it is made) and also the right soil mixture. soil that is suitable for planting a particular type of plant, a mixture is because it is a mixture of different types of soil, which is in order to achieve certain characteristics of the soil), we must not forget the drainage of the bottom of the pot.

There is a huge variety of shapes of dishes, choose the one that best fits your interior or garden. Not only the shape is important but also the material from which your pot is made, it is good for the material to retain moisture and not to absorb or give it away quickly. The most suitable in this regard are ceramic pots, which are glossy on the outside, but not glossy on the inside.

They absorb some of the soil moisture, but do not give it away, so the soil stays moist longer. Plastic pots are also suitable in this regard. They do not absorb moisture and do not give off, but this is sometimes a problem because soil aeration deteriorates. In summer, they get very hot and suffocate the roots of the plants.

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