Suitable soil for ornamental plants 47

The use of fertile soil is one of the most important elements for landscaping and landscape architecture and for the development of all plants. From the soil they get the water and nutrients they need. Plants need different types of ingredients, which are contained in the soil. There are many types of mixture of garden soil with other types of soil and different types of soil improvers.

The so-called pH reaction of the soil is also extremely important, some plants prefer more acidic soils, others more alkaline, and still others neutral soils (it is possible to use mineral fertilizers for trees and shrubs that control Ph levels).

It is good to get acquainted in detail with the preferences of plants for the soil and their need for various substances. It is also important whether the soil is calcareous or not, some flowers prefer calcareous soil, and others can not even live on such flower soil. минерални торове за дървета и храсти

The other quite important role for the normal growth of heavy clay soil, cracked by summer drought of plants plays the mechanical composition of the soil.

Some plants prefer more sandy soils, which have a better air regime and are more draining, but some moisture-loving species prefer more clayey soils, which in turn have a poor air regime but retain moisture quite well.

But you should not choose too sandy or too clay soils, because the clay suffocates the roots and retains a lot of moisture, which is a prerequisite for root rot, and hence the death of the garden plant.

You should also not choose very sandy soils, because they are quite permeable, do not retain moisture, but quickly take it out of the pot in which you grow your plant, or outside the range of roots, along with moisture and nutrients are washed away. and from there you also risk losing your plant.

Accumulated in a pile of chernozem soil It is difficult to find suitable conditions for each plant in the garden, so the specialized garden centers offer a wide range of specialized soil mixtures, such as roses or geraniums.

Compost is quite suitable for most plants. Its advantages are that it is a standardized soil mixture that does not contain weed seeds and is quite cheap.

It has a pH reaction of about 7. And if it is not suitable for your plants (example: if you notice that they grow more slowly) you can always add a suitable fertilizer.

In general, it is very important before choosing the soil for your plants to study what their environmental requirements are. What is their root system and what moisture they need.

In some plants, the root system is quite weak and would be difficult to break through heavy clay soil, especially during the summer months, when it is quite compacted. And this compaction accordingly affects the moisture in the soil and also the air regime, which is also of great importance for the normal development of a plant.

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