Containers for ornamental plants 46

Before choosing pots for our ornamental plants in the garden, we must first consider whether they can grow in different pots, baskets, pots and more. For this purpose, we must be prepared in advance for the plants we will grow. It is extremely important before planting a plant in a plastic pot or flowerpot to know something about that plant.

This is one of the most important details that many novice gardeners miss. There is an awful lot of literature that you can use for this purpose both in Bulgarian and in different languages. Some of the best books on vegetation have been written in Russia. Undoubtedly, our Russian brothers are one of the leaders today in the study of the ecological requirements of ornamental plants. минерални торове за цветя

Get acquainted in advance with the requirements of your plants so that you can optimally meet their requirements, this will extend their life and achieve the desired decorative effect (this is especially important if you fertilize them regularly with mineral fertilizers for flowers).

The other uninteresting ceramic pot (handmade), which is also very important, is whether the plants and pots combine well, and whether the combination of plants and pots fit into our yard or garden.

The advantage of growing ornamental plants in pots is that landscaping enthusiasts can grow rare tropical and not only tropical species, which generally can not grow in the climatic conditions of our country. Not only gardeners but also cooks prefer to grow plants in pots because there is nothing better than freshly picked spices.

Not to mention the landscape architects (these are architects who create green areas – parks, gardens, etc.), who create amazing design creations from potted plants. Thanks to our imagination, we can create a green paradise in which to rest after a hard day or just for a moment to separate from the hectic gray everyday life and industrialization in which we live.

When choosing the dishes for our color arrangement we should not be guided only by our personal taste, unity should be achieved. This means that our arrangement of flowers and pots should form a single whole with the overall look of our garden, it should not look independent, because then there is a rupture of touch, which leads to a beautiful vessel for ornamental plantsdisharmony.

It is good to use ceramic dishes because they complete the compositions.

When you have more than one arrangement and they do not have any unifying element, a kitschy composition is obtained, which irritates the eye rather than pleases and soothes it.

To do this, carefully choose the dishes for your patio and garden, take into account the needs of the flowers, the overall look of the yard, the shape and size of the dishes, as well as the cool colors and materials from which they are made.

Usually lately, the material from which most pots are made is plastic. There is a huge variety of shapes, colors. Other materials that are used by many landscaping professionals in the United States are metal pots. They are most often used to hide in them the usually ugly plastic pots. Metal pots are quite spectacular, but also quite expensive, especially if they are made by a Japanese designer.

Doug spectacular material is good old wood. It has a similar purpose as metal pots, due to its instability to water and its difficult maintenance. In Japan and Japanese culture, a lot of wooden pots are used, but undoubtedly the most suitable material for now remains ceramics. Good insulating properties, it can be used for a relatively long time, and last but not least are its decorative qualities. There is a similar variety of shapes, colors and sizes as well as plastic, and as a price it is a compromise solution between wood and metal.

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