General rules for collecting herbs 44

Each herb in the garden and your yard is different in itself, but the characteristic of all is that they are collected when they have accumulated the largest amount of active substances to be most useful.

Depending on the conditions in which the herbs grow, their stages of development are different, and this leads to different amounts of the drug substance.

The amount of the drug also depends on climatic conditions, soil conditions, latitude and others. Thus, some herbs accumulate more substances in different seasons, some accumulate them in the spring arcs in the fall. The age of the plant also plays a big role in the amount of substance.

Spring is the best season for picking the buds of plants, because during this period they are richest in medicinal substance. (This does not apply to houseplants that are fertilized with ordinary mineral fertilizers минерални торове обикновени).

The flowers are collected in different phases of their development. It is advisable to pick the flowers by hand by placing them in baskets, but it is not advisable to press them. The flowers of some plants are collected before they are completely dissolved, and of others when the flowers are completely dissolved. Mixing colors of similar species is not recommended.

The beauty of herbs The other organ of plants that is used are the leaves. In most cases, their collection takes place during flowering. Of course, there are some exceptions where the collection takes place before flowering.

The leaves of one plant should not be mixed with the leaves of another plant and crushed. Sometimes the leaves have a bad appearance, which consists of dust on them, injuries, yellow color and others, then these leaves do not collect.

Picking stalks is done by cutting 20-30 cm from the top. Picking stalks without leaves is not performed. Also, when the stalks are visibly contaminated or injured, they also do not collect.

The collection of roots, rhizomes, tubers and bulbs in your garden is done after the fruits and seeds have fallen.

Another part of the plant that is used is the bark. Its collection takes place in the spring when the sap movement begins or in the autumn when the leaves have fallen. Collection is done by peeling the bark and carefully cleaning it on both sides. Young plants are suitable for harvesting.

The fruit is picked when it is fully ripe, except for those that will be dried and stored, they are picked before it is fully ripe.

How can you decorate the herbs? The herbs that have just been harvested are grown immediately for drying and should not be left in a pile, as there is a danger of them steaming and spoiling.

It is recommended to pick herbs from different localities every year so that they can be recovered. If you have made an ornament with herbs in your garden, it is good to cut them with a sharp tool, and not to cut them.

The herbs are picked in dry sunny weather, not in rainy and after rain.

When collecting herbs one must have the necessary tools knife, combs, scissors and more.

It is recommended to take only one type of herb a day and after picking to wash your hands thoroughly with water.

There are also herbs that are protected by various organizations. These herbs should not be collected by us. There are many other herbs that are not protected and have the same properties and strength.

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