Kitchen garden or vegetable garden 43

What is a garden in the kitchen? – This is not only a decoration and a manifestation of style, but also a clever way to grow seeds of fresh spices for cooking near the stove. This way, in a plastic flower box you will always have fresh parsley, dill, mint, basil and much more on hand.

In the urban environment, where we lack gardens in which to plant our favorite spices, the kitchen garden is a good solution to the problem. Минерални торове качествени

In Japan and China, this is a fairly modern „technology“ even in some of the most reputable restaurants. It is not very popular in Bulgaria yet, but many people grow spices on the balcony or at home in boxes.

Buckwheat and garden plants can have different purposes besides aesthetic. You can use different types of spices, fruits, vegetables, because they not only contribute to the abundance of your kitchen, but also with their leaves, flowers and ripe fruits give your balcony or kitchen garden a aesthetic charm and uniqueness.

In general, some types of spices and herbs (such as basil, parsley, lettuce) are quite sensitive and you need to take this into account by finding a sheltered place and especially from the rain.

An interesting proposal for a garden

It is also good to be careful with the different types of animals that inhabit your home herb garden, because both humans and snails like parsley and basil. In order not to eat your „harvest“, it is good for these species to provide a place that is above ground level, and for smaller species you can place them even in hanging containers.

As for the fruits, there are currently many varieties that give a rich yield and quite tasty, and you can quite successfully grow them in pots, for example. When growing plants with small fruits (small-fruited seed species), it is good that they are without thorns, especially if the place where you grow them is small.

There is one rule when growing your kitchen garden, and that is that the bigger the pot, the bigger the harvest you will get. So do not spare money at the start of your fork or vegetable corner.

Interesting composition of flowers and kitchen plantsIn general, the ten most suitable spices for your kitchen garden are basil, savory, mint, parsley, oregano, sage, lettuce, thyme and lemon balm.

These are also the ten most economical of the initial investments. You can easily produce these herbs by sowing varietal seeds, which you can also buy online from an online garden store. For such a solid herb garden you can fit in a budget of about 10 – 20 BGN.

And the ten most suitable fruits for growing in pots are tomatoes, paprika, jalapenos, zucchini, arugula, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples and kiwis.

But you can always improvise with different types, it all depends on your culinary skills and knowledge of the types. Also, if you have an aesthetic flair, you can create a beautiful garden that is a combination of useful and pleasant. In the United States, this type of garden is called Kitchen gardens and is currently quite popular. It is also good to fertilize from time to time with quality mineral fertilizers.

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