Growing and landscaping of parks with Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) 36

Japanese maple or as it is also known in the field of landscaping and landscape design with its Latin name Acer palmatum, is one of the most attractive plants for yard decoration (in the photo taken by asplosh, the overall look of the plant).

It is a tree that grows extremely slowly and that makes it so valuable and expensive. It is suitable for landscaping of yards, houses and villas, applied in a rocky corner or rock garden in combination with fragrant flowers for rock garden, it is also suitable for growing in pots.

It has fresh green leaves with 5 to 7 sections, which depending on the variety are deeper or shallower cut and in autumn turn reddish-gold and create an exceptional view that has inspired many artists and writers.

Japanese maple (Acer palmatum бетонови бордюри) This plant is generally small in stature and is quite suitable for growing in pots, which makes it much preferred by professionals and lovers of „small trees“ called bonsai.

Apart from Acer palmatum, suitable for vascular culture are its graceful varieties „Dissectum“, which has quite elongated leaves and reaches about 1.5 – 2 m in height in a large vessel and a width of up to 2 m, for example, the species „Ornatum“ (blue Dissectum Atropurpureum) is with burgundy, very fine and densely cut leaves, which is quite attractive and is valued for its high aesthetic value.

Dissectum Garnet with brown-red leaves (pictured by wakanmuri) is not inferior to it, not to mention Disectum Nigrum with dark brown-red leaves. The forms of this plant are so many and none is inferior to the others. New hybrid species are developed every year.

Leaves of Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) Acer palmatum originates from Japan, Korea and China, which are among the leading countries in the field of landscaping and production of ornamental plants.

In general, Acer palmatum prefers areas that are semi-shady (meaning that it is not exposed to direct sunlight, or is partially exposed).

His preference for soil is that it has a slightly acid reaction, the best combination for it is a mixture of TKS 2 and garden soil 1: 1. Moisture is necessary for this plant, the soil should be even, the soil should not be allowed to dry out, nor should it be watered or a lot of water should be retained.

It is recommended to fertilize until August in 4 weeks, after which fertilization is stopped. It should be noted that it does not suffer from low winter temperatures and its leaves fall in autumn. It is good to add new soil on top around the stem in the spring. Propagation is by seeds, which you can plant in the spring.

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