Landscaping of parks and gardens with Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) 35

Shrubby peony is a very attractive plant that is used and known in all gardening services with its Latin name Peonia suffruticosa (selected photos were taken by fugzu, lobia and Tie Guy II).

In its homeland it reaches a solid size, about 150 -200 cm. From this species originate a group of cultural forms that are often used for landscaping and garden design. It is also used for landscaping of pre-block spaces.

This group of plants are perennial (their lifespan is over 2 years) and are valued for their beautiful flowering. They can be used for flowering in the yard. The leaves of the plant are 20 to 25 cm long and about 10-12 cm wide. And the flowers are quite large, with a diameter of about 15-20 cm. Flowering begins in May and lasts 10 to 15 days.

Shrubby peony (Peonia suffruticosa) The height during the flowering period, which reaches the plant, is about 80 to 130 cm. In colder winters, the upper part of the plant, which has not hardened, freezes.

And in very harsh winters and very low temperatures, the entire aboveground part of the plant can freeze, in such situations peony overwinters with its root system, and in spring it resumes through the buds that are at the base of the stems.

Peonies of this species grow quite well in direct sunlight or light shading. It is good to be in places in your garden that are protected from winds.

The plant is sensitive to late spring frosts and it is possible to damage some of the new shoots. The soil that is suitable has a medium mechanical composition, it is better not to over-fertilize, to fertilize moderately.

Shrub peony (Peonia suffruticosa) Watering should also be moderate, but necessarily regular, the soil should not be overwetted, because the root system rots easily, the plant is also sensitive to soil drought.

At the end of August, it is good to reduce watering so that the new shoots can harden faster and be protected from the upcoming autumn frosts.

Propagation of this plant becomes very difficult at home, as the methods are by seeds, seed propagation, stem cuttings, by dividing the plant. Using seeds is one of the most difficult methods.

Sown the seeds, germinate extremely slowly. If you sow them in May or June, they will not sprout until next spring. And the resulting plants need to grow 4-5 years to begin to bloom.

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