Features and use in landscaping of Chamaecyparis sp. 34

False cypress is a very attractive plant that has been very popular for many years in Bulgaria, and not only that, it is the most popular plant in the British garden.

It is known in the field of landscape design and landscaping with its Latin name пластмасови бордюри градински Chamaecyparis sp. (sp. means species, which in Latin means species, when it is written Chamaecyparis sp. means that the genus of the plant is Chamaecyparis, and the species is not defined).

Characteristic of it is that it is quite fast growing, which makes it suitable for private yards and residences, where a quick decorative effect is needed. Due to its quality (rapid growth), it is not recommended to use for rock gardens and rocky flower corners if you do not prune it intensively.

There are also slower-growing forms of false cypress, which create quite successful and interesting combinations with all the flowers for rock garden. You can also recently find false cypress in a professional garden online store.

False Cypress (Chamaecyparis sp.) For example, you should not rush to plant Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Allumi’, ‘Columnaris’ or ‘Fletcherii’ just because they look pretty good in your rock garden, because in a year, your composition will be disrupted, and this plant already will not look large in your corner.

For the purpose of the rock garden, there are developed varieties of dwarfs, which are quite suitable.

You can find them in specialty flower shops or in decorative nurseries.

The leaves of the false cypress are scaly (resembling fish scales), and its twigs form flat fans. The cones it forms are round and quite small – about 1 cm (in the photos made by nautical2k and achelkr).

Chamaecyparis sp. (Chamaecyparis sp.) This plant grows quite well in direct sunlight, so you will not have problems with it.

It also withstands partial shading, but is not recommended.

False cypress prefers well-drained soils that are rich in nutrients and have an acidic pH reaction.

It is good to water regularly, but moderately, especially in summer, when temperatures are very high and evaporation from the soil is quite strong.

This plant is relatively easy to propagate by taking cuttings (stems) in the fall and placing them for rooting in a cold greenhouse.

From the false cypress there are a huge number of shapes and types, with different shape and color of the crown, which are suitable for both rock gardens and garden compositions. It is often used for landscaping of the yard and garden, for landscaping of houses and villas.

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