How to grow the palm Cycas (Cycas revoluta) 33

Cycas revoluta is a very attractive plant that is often used for decoration in the home and office (sample photos taken by CHRIS230 DE NICE). It is quite preferred for landscaping luxury interior and conservatories. Cycads grow very slowly and therefore its price is relatively high. An interesting fact about it is that translated from Greek (kykas) its name means palm tree.

But professionals do not define it exactly as a palm tree, although it is very similar to palm trees.

This plant is bisexual, which means that there are males and females.

It originates from Japan and Taiwan, and is also found in Australia. It is characterized by the fact that it grows extremely slowly and is successfully used for interior landscaping and design of the home or other types of premises, if you provide suitable conditions. Cycad leaves are quite hard and tough.

Cicas (Cicas revoluta) When buying this plant, be sure to see if its central leaves are not damaged and if they have not begun to turn yellow end.

It is best to buy a plant with 3 to 5 developed leaves. The temperature of the room in which you will grow it should be moderate. In winter, you must be careful not to fall below 8 degrees, because it will die.

In the summer you can move it outdoors, being careful not to overflow, and also shade it for the first few days so that the leaves do not burn.

Abundant and proper watering is recommended from spring to autumn, and in winter it is good to reduce watering. The peculiarity is that there should be no water left in the saucer of the pot.

Cicas (Cicas revoluta) It is good to fertilize every two weeks, during the active period, and in winter do not fertilize. Tsikasa requires high humidity, so in order to grow well and have a good decorative appearance, it is necessary to spray it every day.

It is good to clean the leaves at least once a month, but be careful not to wet the stem.

One thing that every owner of this plant should know is that the cycad is a highly poisonous plant for both humans and animals (if you have pets). Its physiological juices contain a lot of toxic toxins, with which care must be taken not to be ingested by children or pets.

Symptoms of poisoning appear after 12 hours and can be diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, even liver failure. All parts are poisonous, but especially the seeds.

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