What are the requirements for the environment Peperomia griseo – argenteia 29

These two types of peperomii are quite relevant at the moment and extremely interesting exotic houseplants (photos are from the collections of jriro2000 and Jigme Datse).

Like all types of peperomii, these originate from the tropics and are used in our country to decorate the interior or garden. пластмасов ограничител за алеи 

They are perennials, which means they have a lifespan of more than two years. They are herbaceous plants and are valued mainly for their foliage (they are called deciduous ornamental plants – this means that the leaves have a beautiful effect). They bloom, but their colors have no decorative value. It is good to use an outdoor alley limiter in case you are landscaping the yard in the spring.
Peperomia, Peperomia griseo-argenteaPeperomia griseo – argentea (known in landscaping practice by its Latin name Peperomia griseo – argentea) has a leaf height of about 15-20 cm, and when it is in bloom with the inflorescences is up to about 30 cm.

The air temperature in the room where you will grow it is optimally around 20-22 degrees, and in winter – 15-16 degrees. This species tolerates short-term drops to 10 – 12 degrees, unlike Peperomia Magnoliefolia, which is much more capricious.

The requirements for light are very intense lighting, but not in direct sunlight. Tolerates good lighting in the early morning and late afternoon.

Peperomia argyreia (known by its Latin name Peperomia argyreia) is also a perennial herbaceous plant from the tropics, used similarly for interior decoration of various types of rooms and is valued for its foliage (it also blooms but the flowers are simple and without decorative value) .

Peperomia argyreia The height of the leaf mass is about 15 to 20 cm, and during flowering it is up to about 30 cm.

The optimum air temperature in the room should be from 20 to 22 degrees for the plant to grow normally.

In winter, care must be taken that the temperature does not fall below 16 degrees, although it tolerates short-term drops to 12 degrees.

It also requires very intense lighting, it can be heated in the early morning and late afternoon. Watering is done regularly, but moderately as mandatory in winter watering is reduced to avoid overwetting (in winter evaporation from the soil surface is very weak due to low temperatures, so there are prerequisites for overwetting the plant).

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