Cacti (Cactaceae) – use, soil and cultivation 28

Cacti are a rather numerous and diverse family (professionally the cactus family is known as Cactaceae) (we present photos of different species taken by alykat, r-z and .Robert.).

They are perennial plants (with a lifespan of more than two years), can be single-stemmed (stemmed), can be tree-like, shrubby, semi-shrubby or herbaceous and are very often used for landscaping gardens. It is recommended to use them in interior landscaping of any home. пластмасов градински ограничител .

Cacti are succulent plants, which means that they have fleshy stems, through these fleshy stems they overcome high temperatures, accumulating large amounts of water and food reserves. They originate from the tropics and subtropical regions.

Cacti are used to decorate various types of rooms, mainly as potted plants. You can also use them for outdoor decoration, but only in summer and in winter they are harvested. When used outdoors, be sure to separate them with a garden grass stopper.

Cacti (Cactaceae) are mainly grown for interior decoration and are valued because they are perennial flowering plants that have a very interesting structure. They are characterized by a very long life (decades) and quite slow growth.

In areas like our country, which have a temperate climate, vegetation (active growth) begins in the spring, when the intensity of sunlight increases.

The optimal temperature at which it is good to grow them depends on the geographical area from which the respective plant species originate. Usually most cacti need intense lighting, direct sunlight, but some species have to shade them during the noon hours of the summer heat, especially when grown outdoors in private villas and houses.

Interesting members of the cactus family (Cactaceae) Suitable soil for cacti soil for cacti is chimovka, leaflet, burnt manure, peat and coarse sand in a ratio of 1: 0.5: 1: 1: 2.

Watering should be moderate, but you should keep the inside of the pot moist so that the roots of the plants do not dry out.

Some species should be irrigated in spring and summer (evening). Absolutely all cacti have a period of dormancy, which is associated with their homeland and more precisely with the period of drought there, and the period of vegetation is associated with the rainy season of their place. If your cacti are from temperate climates, their dormancy is in the winter.

Then watch them at room temperature from 6-8 to 10-12 degrees and water extremely sparingly. This family of plants is propagated by seeds, but necessarily at a temperature of 27-35 degrees, can also be by stem cuttings from the branches on the stem and by separating the new shoots in summer and spring.

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