How to grow Ficus pumila 26

This is a very attractive plant from the family of ficus, rarely used in the decoration and landscaping of gardens and yards.

It is known to professionals in landscaping, garden centers and almost all flower shops with its Latin name Ficus pumila (sample photos thanks to Eran Finkle and nautical2k), also called Ficus repens (repens from Latin means creeping, also called creeping). ficus). пластмасови паркинг елементи цена

It is an evergreen (this means that in winter it does not lose its leaf mass, in general its leaves fall in stages, and in their place come others) climbing shrub.

It is grown as a creeping potted flower type deciduous ornamental plant (this means that only its leaves have a decorative effect) for indoor use (interior gardens). It is not winter-hardy for our country, for this reason it is mainly used for indoor decoration.

The adult plant can cover quite large areas. It has special roots on the stems (called adventitious roots), with which it can be easily attached even on extremely smooth surfaces, such as glass.

It grows equally well at a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees and at 20 to 22 degrees. In winter it even tolerates temperatures up to 7-10 degrees. It needs intense lighting (especially its variegated forms, because in low light these forms lose the variegation of the leaves and they become green), but should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

It needs a suitable soil for landscaping – light in mechanical composition (these are soils that have a good air regime), which should be loose and necessarily fertile.

Ficus pumila Water it regularly, especially during the summer heat more abundantly. It is good to periodically spray the leaves of this plant, because it is a supporter of high humidity.

When the air temperature, soil and air humidity increase, the plant grows quite rapidly.

Propagation is carried out using green or semi-mature cuttings from the stem of the plant. It is good that the temperature of the room in which you plan to root these cuttings is about 24-26 degrees, there should be high humidity and shading of the cuttings themselves.

These types of ornamental interior plants are quite suitable for interior landscaping. They can be used alone or in various decorative groups and decorative arrangements with dried and fresh flowers. It is often used for decorations in the garden and yard, but is harvested during the unfavorable winter months.

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