How to grow Ficus pumila 26

This is a very attractive plant from the family of ficus, rarely used in the decoration and landscaping of gardens and yards.

It is known to professionals in landscaping, garden centers and almost all flower shops with its Latin name Ficus pumila (sample photos thanks to Eran Finkle and nautical2k), also called Ficus repens (repens from Latin means creeping, also called creeping). ficus). пластмасови паркинг елементи цена

It is an evergreen (this means that in winter it does not lose its leaf mass, in general its leaves fall in stages, and in their place come others) climbing shrub.

It is grown as a creeping potted flower type deciduous ornamental plant (this means that only its leaves have a decorative effect) for indoor use (interior gardens). It is not winter-hardy for our country, for this reason it is mainly used for indoor decoration.

The adult plant can cover quite large areas. It has special roots on the stems (called adventitious roots), with which it can be easily attached even on extremely smooth surfaces, such as glass.

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Application of flowers in the interior 18

Flowers are mainly used for home decoration (example with the photo taken by Panoramas), landscaping of offices and work rooms, recreation rooms (photo with a cafe made by stevecadman) and treatment, various administrative buildings and other buildings (example is the picture of stevecadman) who are for temporary residence. пластмасова ограничителна лента за трева

It is an interesting fact that the presence of vegetation in the working environment increases the productivity of workers by 15%. According to scientists, this is due to the calming effect of green color, as well as the sanitary and hygienic functions of indoor vegetation. The plants in the interior absorb dust, smoke and freshen the air in the room, this has a beneficial effect on the human body, which is highly valued.

Usually whole plants are used for decoration, such as potted flowers or various parts of them – cut flowers, twigs, leaves and others.

When decorating with potted flowers or seeds of potted flowers, it is very important that they are selected so that their requirements are consistent with the characteristics of the environment, the opportunities provided by the room and interior. grass restriction strip

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