How to grow Ficus pumila 26

This is a very attractive plant from the family of ficus, rarely used in the decoration and landscaping of gardens and yards.

It is known to professionals in landscaping, garden centers and almost all flower shops with its Latin name Ficus pumila (sample photos thanks to Eran Finkle and nautical2k), also called Ficus repens (repens from Latin means creeping, also called creeping). ficus). пластмасови паркинг елементи цена

It is an evergreen (this means that in winter it does not lose its leaf mass, in general its leaves fall in stages, and in their place come others) climbing shrub.

It is grown as a creeping potted flower type deciduous ornamental plant (this means that only its leaves have a decorative effect) for indoor use (interior gardens). It is not winter-hardy for our country, for this reason it is mainly used for indoor decoration.

The adult plant can cover quite large areas. It has special roots on the stems (called adventitious roots), with which it can be easily attached even on extremely smooth surfaces, such as glass.

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Ways to water ornamental plants 17

Watering in the garden is one of the most important gardening services for the proper maintenance of your garden, especially if you use a decorative grass limiter, and this is important for all types of flowers and not only flowers, but also all types of plants in your green areas.

The flowers should be watered regularly, especially if the soil is permeable (this means that their water regime is disturbed, ie they do not retain the absorbed moisture, and it swells, and thus becomes indigestible to vegetation). градински ограничител за райграс трева

When planting seeds for seedlings of summer flowers, you must water abundantly and daily (as in the picture with the watering can made by indichick7), and after strengthening the plants you can limit watering to once or twice a week (other watering options are many , but the most trivial is with the help of a hose, the photo was taken by Beth-Harper).

Feather flowers (these are perennial flowers that have a lifespan of more than two years) should be watered more often in the first year after planting. Only if you grow a xerophyte (a plant that can withstand prolonged drought) do not need regular watering.

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