Grass rolls turf for sunny gardens for the Maryland region

Grassing with the use of turf is among the most preferred in the field of modern landscaping and garden design. The advantage of this product is the fast effect of a finished lawn. The difference between grassing with turf and professional grass mixtures is only in the term for reaching the finished grass area.

That is why the GardenShop.Pro store offers for its numerous customers an extremely attractive product with a perfect price and for the first time in Maryland – grass turf, suitable for all gardens!

The turf is produced by established specialists with many years of experience in grass growing. It consists of several special perennial grass species that form a very dense grass cover with extremely high decorative qualities. This makes this type of turf one of the best-selling and one of the best in Maryland and Europe.

It is a „piece“ of grass together with its underground part – roots woven into a special humus soil, reinforced with a special fine mesh. Therefore, this product is practically rooted, it only needs to be placed in a suitable place to continue its development.

Lawns built with this type of turf look extremely luxurious, for this reason, it is often appreciated in the construction of private residences, houses, villas, and representative green areas.

The online store also offers grass turf at a good price for Maryland and Burgas, as well as for the entire Black Sea coast.

Learn important rules for grass turf installation. Minimum quantity for one order – 50 sq.m

Delivery time from 3 to 7 working days (after payment).

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer.

All prices include VAT, WITH transport to the site. The delivery price is calculated according to the ordered quantity and the place of delivery.

Payment – By bank transfer 100% in advance.

Delivery time – From 3 to 7 working days (after payment).

Attention! Due to the peculiarities of the product (grass turf), it is not subject to return after ordering.

Light requirements Direct sun, tolerates partial shade.
Soil Grass requires well-drained soil, like most lawns. Suitable sandy to sandy loam soil.
Trampling resistance Medium
Winter hardiness Winter hardy for the climate in Bulgaria. It retains its green color even in winter.
Leaf texture Medium fine structure with high decorative qualities.
Durability With proper maintenance 10 – 15 years.

Time for laying turf
From March to the end of November.
Recommended application temperature
From 15ºС to 25ºС, do not apply at temperatures below 5ºС
Time to root turf
From 7 to 14 days
Watering – Watering is regular, without overwatering. The norm is from 5 to 15 l / sq.m per day depending on the season and precipitation.
Mowing – Mowing should be done regularly. The mowing intervals are between 5 and 7 days. It should not be allowed to overgrow, because it thins and loses its decorative effect.
Fertilization – Fertilization with professional mineral fertilizers for ryegrass is recommended. The norms and intervals depend on the respective type of fertilizer. See our suggestions for professional grass fertilizers here.
Note: The indicated watering norms are approximate and depend on the specifics of the place where the grass is grown. Keep in mind the type of soil, the prevailing temperatures, the microclimate in the area, and the rainfall.

It is used for grassing private gardens, public green areas in municipal buildings, universities, schools, and more. It is often used for the construction of luxury private gardens and courtyards, villas, residences, hotel complexes, pre-block spaces, and many more. etc.

It is good to grow in sunny places, in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. An indication of a lack of sunlight is a disturbance in the density of the turf.

The turf is sold per sq.m, like 1 sq.m consists of pieces or roll with the following characteristics:

Size of a piece of turf:

Width: 50 cm

Length: 100 cm

Height: about 6 cm (roots with soil about 3 cm, the leaf part is also about 3 cm).

Weight of 1 sq.m turf: the weight of one sq.m varies between 25 and 35 kg. depending on the humidity of the turf.

Each piece of turf has a specially inserted thin net, which protects the turf from tearing during installation.

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