Grass rolls turf for sunny gardens for the Maryland region

Grassing with the use of turf is among the most preferred in the field of modern landscaping and garden design. The advantage of this product is the fast effect of a finished lawn. The difference between grassing with turf and professional grass mixtures is only in the term for reaching the finished grass area.

That is why the GardenShop.Pro store offers for its numerous customers an extremely attractive product with a perfect price and for the first time in Maryland – grass turf, suitable for all gardens!

The turf is produced by established specialists with many years of experience in grass growing. It consists of several special perennial grass species that form a very dense grass cover with extremely high decorative qualities. This makes this type of turf one of the best-selling and one of the best in Maryland and Europe.

It is a „piece“ of grass together with its underground part – roots woven into a special humus soil, reinforced with a special fine mesh. Therefore, this product is practically rooted, it only needs to be placed in a suitable place to continue its development.

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