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PVC foil for decorative water areas The different types of water effects always attract people and are an integral part of landscaping and garden design activities. But what to make a decorative water area in the garden and what are the prices of materials for a home pond?

It is best to use the so-called „flexible lining“. With it is the ideal way to build a large enough water area with many beautiful aquatic plants and ornamental fish.

The best part is that you have no restrictions on the shape and size, as is the case with ready-made containers.

The cladding material can be ordered in different sizes and is easy to deliver because it is not bulky. And also the price is quite reasonable.

The  lining is a little more expensive per square meter than a ready-made fiberglass container. The disadvantage of flexible lining is that its walls cannot be as smooth as the walls of the finished container. Although it adjusts to the dug pit, there will be folds in any case, but this is not a big problem.

It is good to start building the water area in the garden in the spring in good weather, without precipitation. If the reservoir is made for many years of operation, it is good to choose butyl rubber.

This is the most expensive cladding, but for this it many times exceeds the durability of other materials.

Another advantage is that in case of rupture it can be very easily repaired (glued). If you do not have enough money, choose PVC cladding of good quality and must have a warranty of more than 10 years!

The problem with buying flexible linings are the trade names, and it is not always clear from them what their chemical composition is, on which their quality and durability depends. It is a good idea to request more information before buying or ordering, especially if you have planned to graze the area in your garden around the water area. PVC foil for building a decorative pond

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC foil is a strong and elastic material, at half the price of butyl rubber. It is most often single-layered.

The two-layer one is stronger and has a mesh reinforcement. It lasts from 10 to 15 years. Be sure to look for a warranty of at least 10 years.

As the best option, I have already said that it is Butyl rubber. Extremely strong and flexible, not affected by sunlight and sub-zero temperatures. You can order it in any size according to the size of your garden and according to the dimensions you have provided for the construction of the decorative water area.

Its standard thickness is 0.8 mm. It has a shelf life of 50 years. Its warranty is usually 10-20 years. Its surface is matte black.

When landscaping in the garden, it is important that they are made with quality materials to ensure longevity and maximum decorative effect.

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