From what to make a decorative water area? 5

PVC foil for decorative water areas The different types of water effects always attract people and are an integral part of landscaping and garden design activities. But what to make a decorative water area in the garden and what are the prices of materials for a home pond?

It is best to use the so-called „flexible lining“. With it is the ideal way to build a large enough water area with many beautiful aquatic plants and ornamental fish.

The best part is that you have no restrictions on the shape and size, as is the case with ready-made containers.

The cladding material can be ordered in different sizes and is easy to deliver because it is not bulky. And also the price is quite reasonable.

The  lining is a little more expensive per square meter than a ready-made fiberglass container. The disadvantage of flexible lining is that its walls cannot be as smooth as the walls of the finished container. Although it adjusts to the dug pit, there will be folds in any case, but this is not a big problem.

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