what to do rock garden or rock corner? 4

Construction of a rock garden or as it is called in our country rock corner, is often done in the yard of the garden. No matter how small, the rock garden should be elegant and spectacular in every season of the year, as well as not contrast much with the surrounding landscape (as in the photo taken by CrisMorriss).

The rock garden is suitable for a place in the garden with a degree of character or attached to a water area. It can be situated in different places, both along paths and along water areas, around steps, in a corner, along stone walls or fences, etc.

It is necessary to comply with some requirements for the construction of a rock garden or rocky flower corner in the garden and yard.

The creation of a rock garden in the yard aims to recreate the mountain landscape and show the vegetation that are characteristic of the region represented by the rock garden. It can be created on any terrain, both steeper and flat.

In the plain, low coniferous tree species or shrubs are used to visually increase the height of the place where the rock garden is located. Different types of herbs and spices with different flavors are often used.

The location of the rock garden in the yard is chosen according to the following requirements: Stones (granite) for the rock garden (rock flower corner)

For the normal development of a rock garden plant requires a sunny and sunny place.

There may be fences or trees near the rock garden, which is somewhat beneficial because they protect the plants from air currents.

At the same time, trees with a strong root system threaten the rock garden by penetrating their roots between the stones.


Drainage – an important part of the rock garden in the yard and garden:

The plants used for the rock garden in their natural habitat live on gravelly soils. Water stagnation is disastrous for them. That is why under the rock garden and around it a good drainage should be made to ensure good water permeability.

To create good and sufficient drainage, the soil is dug to a depth of 30-40 cm. It is compacted and filled with 15 cm. gravel. Then comes a layer of 25-30 cm. well-mixed humus, well-rotted manure, peat or compost and sand, which will serve to develop the root system of plants.

Types of rocks for rock gardens and rock colored corners:

Rock garden (rock flower corner) There are different types of rocks and stones for rock garden. The best to use are those typical of the area where the rock garden is located, so that it is in harmony with the environment (we give an example of the types of rocks in the photos that have made canadien grrl and unforth).

The most used in our country are sandstone, natural limestone, granite or marble. When arranging the rocks, it is desirable that their decorative side is on top.

Smaller pieces of rock are lined up around larger pieces of rock for harmony.

The rocks are placed in the chosen place, sprinkled with soil around them and trampled for good compaction, leaving most of the rock piece on top.

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