How to make a beautiful lawn? 3

The gardens and cottages is highly valued nowadays. But how to make a beautiful lawn in the garden and do it right?

If you want to make a beautiful lawn, you must first clean the area of ​​existing grass (if any), twigs, debris, logs and especially stones. Cleaning is a very important activity and should not be neglected.

The stones must be removed, because then, like the hair, you are likely to damage the mower. Then the soil is tilled or in other words you turn it with a straight shovel. If it is not very fertile, you can spread manure, necessarily burnt, but it is not preferable, because it contains a lot of weed seeds.

It is good to anticipate what your grass will be like, what it will be used for and how you will take care of it, so that you can choose from the different types of grass mixtures in Sofia and in Bulgaria.

If your soil is not very fertile, it is best to fertilize with ammonium nitrate (it is nitrogen fertilizer, and nitrogen is most important for the grass and its fresh appearance, the advantage is its good price).

Mowing the lawn with a motor mower. The spreading of ammonium nitrate is done by hand, making sure that it is even and at the bottom of 2-3 grams per square meter. After this manipulation, water abundantly.

After two days you start to finely align the terrain with a paddle, it is important that it is perfectly aligned so that there are no lower or higher parts of the terrain (the lower and concave parts collect more water and get swampy, and more -high – back dry very quickly and the grass can dry out).

Once you have leveled, pass with a sand roller and level with the paddle once more. Next is the choice of grass mixture: if you have shady places in the yard, it is good to choose a grass mixture for shade, and if it is sunny, a mixture for the sun, which is more drought-resistant.

After choosing a suitable quality grass mixture for your backyard, start by hand or with a seeder (preferably) to spread the seeds, about 3-4 grams per square meter (1 seed covers 10 square centimeters, but it is good to scatter the seeds with a higher density to obtain a faster decorative effect).

Pruning of ornamental plants with scissors
Then use a rake to dig in the seeds (if you have not used a drill). After digging, pass the roller and water abundantly.

It is watered every day until the grass grows. It grows in about 10-15 days, and thickening occurs in about 6 months. It is extremely important for proper maintenance to carry out proper mowing of the grass, as the first mowing of your ryegrass is done when it becomes about 10-15 cm, then it is maintained at about 4-6 cm (as in the photos you made of Lux Garden Ltd.).

If you let it grow, it should not fall more than ½ from the length, so go it once higher and after two or three days again, already at the desired height, because otherwise, you put the grass under stress and it may turn yellow.

When you mow a large amount of its leaf mass at once, you are taking away a huge part of its nutrients. Therefore, after such intensive mowing, the need for fertilization increases sharply.

Photos: gardenbg com

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