Anna Marie hyacinth bulbs with a fabulous pink color suitable for a pot

Looking for online hyacinth pink bulbs for flower pots? You are in the right place. offers to your attention the unique pink hyacinth variety Anna Marie (Anna Marie), which is suitable for planting in pots. As you can guess, the gentle female name that this hyacinth bears perfectly matches its delicate pink color.

It is reminiscent of the color of the dress of a fairy tale from a children’s fairy tale, and why not of a sweet pink candy with the smell of chewing gum. The irresistible aroma of this fragrant plant will captivate you in early spring, when its candy flowers dissolve. If you have decided to plant hyacinth pink bulbs in a pot, you need to know some simple but very useful tips for growing and planting.

First of all, it is good to find deeper pots of about 30 – 40 cm. The soil that you will use for planting pink hyacinths Anna Marie must be dewormed, well drained and with a high content of humus. Keep in mind that when growing tender hyacinths in pots, it is important to fertilize regularly during active growth and flowering. домати семена хубави

Do not plant Anna Marie bulbs in pots! There must be excellent drainage of the vessel, otherwise the bulbs of hyacinths may rot. Make sure your pot has suitable openings. Depth of planting bulbs should be 17 – 18 cm. Leave 20 – 25 cm between individual plants if you plant them outdoors in the garden.

The pot can be located closer. If you are a beginner and do not know how to plant the bulb, do not worry. It’s very easy. Take a hyacinth bulb in pink and notice that it has the shape of a pear. The pointed end should be left up. It is easiest to grab the pointed end and place the Anna Marie bulb in the prepared hole in the soil (thus formed nest).

Then cover with soil and compact by hand. Water abundantly. If you are allergic or suspect this, please use gloves when planting the bulbs. It is important to know that the flower loves the sun. Provide a suitable place for the hyacinth in a pot in a sunny place.

The autumn planting of the Anna Marie bulb will ensure the formation of roots. In the spring, the hyacinth will bloom like pink cotton candy and will amaze you with its unique aroma! When it blooms, you can put it with the pot in the room near the window to keep it light and enjoy its fragrance, which will spread in the air. плочки семената тротоарни

If you have planted it in your yard, you can cut stems of pink hyacinth Anna Marie, which you can turn into beautiful small bouquets, carrying a fresh spring scent all around. The leaves of overblown hyacinths are left until they are fresh and green. They continue to feed the bulb.

At the end of their active season – summer, they will turn yellow and then is the time to cut them and limit watering. The flowering of the amazing pink hyacinths will continue in early spring, when they will wake up to a „new fragrant tale“.
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Planting: The hyacinth bulbs of Hyacinthus Orientalis Anna Marie can be planted in September, October, and in some warmer places in November.
Distance from each other: 20 – 25 cm are left between the bulbs of hyacinths. If they are grown in pots, you can place them very close to each other.

Planting depth: 17 – 18 cm is the required depth for planting autumn bulbs. Combines well with Hyacinthus Orientalis blue hyacinth bulbs.
Light requirement: Choose a sunny place.
Flowering period: The flowering period is early spring March – April. It grows to a height of about 25 cm.

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