Dutch yellow hyacinth bulbs City of Haarlem with a strong aroma

We present to the attention of all lovers of Dutch hyacinth bulbs yellow variety world-famous City of Haarlem. The interesting yellow hyacinth is of interest not only because of its attractive color, but also because of its wonderful aroma!

Each of us carries in his memories of spring the scent of hyacinth.

It is this strong and unique aroma that can surround you if you decide to get the bulbs of the great flower City of Haarlem. Are you surprised to learn that these super fragrant flowers are part of the Lily family. Perhaps the Dutch hyacinth bulbs are among the most sought after, as they have been grown in the Netherlands since the seventeenth century by growers, and there are thousands of varieties, including this delicate yellow City of Haarlem. домати семената семена

Apart from the huge variety of colors, this incomparable fragrance is also popular because it is a very unpretentious plant to grow even by novices.

Hyacinthus orientalis is a species that gives birth to the typical famous Dutch hyacinths (Dutch hyacinth) with dense flower clusters. These varieties are among the most popular, as well as the specific with its fragrant yellow color Hyacinthus Orientalis City of Haarlem, which grows to 25 cm in height.
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However, do not confuse hyacinth with Muscari! Muscari are now part of another family. The lifespan of great flowers is about three to four years. But don’t be disappointed! Remember that the Netherlands is among the largest producers of bulbs and tons are produced every season. Therefore, if you fail to collect „kids“ from your bulbs, you can order online from the Gardenshop.pro store! плочи торотарни семената шоп

Planting Dutch hyacinth bulbs in yellow City of Haarlem is good to do in a sunny place or in terrain with partial shade. The sun-loving plant will reward you with abundant and larger flowering if it is exposed to more sun. Near deciduous trees, it is not scary to plant them, because they will not compete for light in the period when the hyacinth is leafing and blooming, on these trees the leaves are still forming.

Before planting, note that hyacinth contains substances that can irritate the skin and it is good to use gloves when planting City of Haarlem bulbs. Planting depth is about 17 cm, and it is most accurate to determine the depth as follows, as wide as the bulb of the yellow hyacinth, it should be planted 3 times this width deeper.

To form children and spread, you can leave 20 cm between each quality autumn bulb of Hyacinthus Orientalis. As for the soil reaction, plant them in slightly acidic or neutral soils that are drainable. Wet soils are not suitable.
After placing the Dutch bulbs on the hyacinth City of Haarlem, be sure to cover them with soil, press well to seal the area and water. In spring, enjoy the sunny yellow flowers of the fragrant hyacinth Hyacinthus Orientalis City of Haarlem.
Planting: Hyacinthus Orientalis City of Haarlem are autumn Dutch bulbs and are planted in September – November.

Distance from each other: You can leave 20 – 25 cm between the individual bulbs. The yellow hyacinth City of Haarlem grows to a height of 25 cm.
Planting depth: Planting depth is 17 – 18 cm.
Light requirement: Plant the bulbs in sunny places.
Flowering period: The flowering of the yellow hyacinth is in the middle of spring: April-May.

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