Hyacinth bulbs with delicate lilac blue color Hyacinthus Orientalis Blue Pearl

Gardenshop.pro is pleased to present you bulbs of hyacinth blue, which captivates with its amazing aroma and rich kitschy color. The bulbs of

Hyacinthus Orientalis variety Blue Pearl are suitable for autumn sowing. Characteristic of these irresistible flowers is their pleasant aroma and very often their essential oils are used to create delicate perfumes and cosmetics.

By planting hyacinth bulbs in pots and small containers and left indoors at home, you will enjoy their special aroma at home. Make fragrant any room in which you put pots with pre-sown bulbs of blue hyacinth. Feel the fresh scent of the blooming „flower bells“ of hyacinths. When you have decided to decorate your yard, sow the bulbs of blue hyacinth in a suitable place. An important condition is that the soil drains well. домати семена гр.

Water retention in the soil can lead to rot of the bulbs. The food supply is also important for hyacinths. Sow Blue Pearl bulbs only in soils that are high in humus or well-fertilized to enjoy larger and more fragrant flowers that will be more durable. The required amount of sunlight is about 5 – 7 hours a day, so choose a well-lit place for them. It is necessary to make holes about 17-18 cm deep in which to sow the bulbs of the hyacinth.

It is good to leave a distance of 20-25 cm between the individual bulbs, as the beautiful and delicate blue hyacinth grows to a height of about 25 cm. The bulb of the blue hyacinth has a pear shape.

Planting is done by placing the pointed end up (the roots grow from the larger and rounder part in the autumn period). The flowering of the fragrant flower begins in the spring, when the bulb „wakes up“.

This variety of blue hyacinth „Blue Pearl“ Blue Pearl is great for creating bouquets. Make beautiful and fragrant blue tufts, full of large blooming „bells“ that smell irresistible. You can dip the beautiful small bouquets in a vase with water and arrange them on your table or desk, at your workplace and more. The selected colors of the Blue Pearl hyacinths will delight you for a long time with their fragrant aroma.

Do not cut the leaves after flowering or after cutting the flowers. Thanks to them, the bulb will be able to „collect“ sunlight and after the process of photosynthesis will collect nutrients. Water the Blue Pearl hyacinths in the active phases of growth and flowering each time they dry. Fertilize with appropriate fertilizers.

When the leaves of the blue hyacinth turn yellow and begin to wither in early summer, it is good to remove them. The plant goes into a latent phase and will be dormant until the next active season – spring, when it will bloom again and delight you with its delicate color and strong aroma!
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Planting: Dutch bulbs of Hyacinthus Orientalis Blue Pearl can be planted in the period September – November.
Distance from each other: If grown in a pot can be planted in close proximity. In the yard keep a distance of 20 – 25 cm.

Planting depth: The blue hyacinth bulbs are planted in autumn at a depth of 17 – 18 cm.
Light requirement: Sunny places are best.
Flowering period: The flowering period is mid-spring: April – May.

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