Quality Dutch bulbs of white tulip – Royal Virgin snow white color

GardenShop.Pro presents for lovers of perennial flowers Dutch bulbs of white tulip variety Royal Virgin. This is a very famous variety that is valued for its large and snow-white color.

The Dutch tulip will surprise you with a medium height (about 40 cm), a powerful flower stalk and fresh green leaves.

The variety is valued for growing tulips for the purpose of cut flowers, as well as for landscaping of private and public green areas. There is a perfect combination between the Dutch variety Royal Virgin and a dark purple tulip Cafe Noir. семената плочки тротоарни

Dutch tulips are suitable for planting in the fall. Suitable for flower borders, inscriptions with flowers, construction of rock flower gardens, creation of flower pots, etc.

The variety can also be grown in larger flower pots, boxes and pots. It is often used by professional gardeners for landscaping hotels, restaurants, golf courses, seaside hotels, even gas stations, residences and more.
Sowing: Plant your Dutch white tulip bulb between September and November.

Distance from each other: Leave about 12 – 15 cm from plant to plant.
Planting depth: Plant no shallower than 10 – 15 cm deep.

Light requirement: For this variety of Dutch autumn bulbs of white tulips is good to provide a sunny place.
Flowering period: You will enjoy exquisite flowering in the period from March to May.

Note: You may not remove the bulbs every year, but it is good to do this once every 2-3 years.

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