Bulbs of yellow daffodils with a kitschy pipe from the Dutch variety Dick Wilden

GardenShop.pro has added to its huge catalog a special variety of autumn bulbs of yellow daffodils with an extremely kitschy Dick Wilden pipe. This great variety is made in the Netherlands and is highly valued for its bright yellow color and interesting non-standard shape of the pipe.

Yellow daffodils reach a height of 40 cm have an extremely powerful flowering have a very high decorative effect. They are used in creating flower arrangements in gardens and yards, parks, hotels and hotel complexes, to create inscriptions and shapes of spring flowers. The variety can be used for growing in pots and boxes and for the production of cut flowers.

The perennial yellow daffodil Dick Wilden prefers sunny places, however, without spoiling the flowering and growth, it tolerates a slight partial shading at some part of the day. The main advantage of the bulbs is that you do not have to remove them every year and replant. This needs to be done every two to three years. семената плочки за тротоар

For more powerful and abundant flowering, planting in well-drained rich soils or fertilizing with bulb fertilizer is recommended.

Planting: Yellow daffodil bulbs are autumn, so plant them in September – November.

Distance from each other: About 12 – 15 cm is good to anticipate between the bulbs from the Netherlands.
Planting depth: The depth should be about 10-15 cm (one shovel) so that there is no risk of frost for the bulb during the winter months.

Light requirement: The yellow daffodil with a showy Dick Wilden pipe prefers bright places, but also tolerates light shading at certain times of the day.
Flowering period: You will see the flowers from the yellow daffodil bulbs in the period March – May.

Note: It is good to change the location of the bulb every 3 years or to feed it regularly with fertilizers for bulbous plants.

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