Autumn bulbs of dark purple tulip variety Cafe Noir extremely lush flowering

Shop Garden added to its catalog of beautiful varieties of plants exotic bulbs of dark purple tulip variety Cafe Noir. This variety will amaze you with its unique color and powerful long-lasting flowering.

The purple tulip is about 45 cm high and forms strong stems that end in an elegant large color. Cafe Noir is a variety that is suitable for autumn planting in yards and gardens, as well as for landscaping of private villas, guest houses, residences, representative green areas and parks.

The variety is valued for its long flowering and rich dark purple color, which resembles even coffee in nuance. семената тротоарни плочки

Plant in your garden these autumn bulbs of tulip purple Cafe Noir in a separate arrangement or in combination with white and yellow tulips, and especially suitable for in combination with daffodils and hyacinths.

The main advantage of the variety is that it is perennial and will delight you for many years with its great colors.

Sowing: Sow in September – November.
Distance from each other: 12 – 15 cm
Planting depth: 10 – 15 cm

Light requirement: Choose a sunny spot for your dark purple tulip
Flowering period: March – May you will enjoy the unique flowering.
Note: The removal of the bulbs is good to do in two – three years, so as not to get lost. This variety is produced in the Netherlands by a leading Dutch bulb producer.

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