Herb seeds for a slim figure with a rich aroma

How would you react if we told you that with the help of all-natural ingredients, in particular – the seeds of herbs aromatic for a slim figure, you can maintain good health and beautiful appearance? In the next few sentences we will help you learn more about the beneficial properties of thyme (Thymus Vulgaris), basil (Ocimum Basilicum), devisil (Levisticum officinale), which you can sow in a pot at home, on your balcony or yard.

In short, the benefits that these herbs have on your body, as well as the reasons to be selected in this special selection of seeds are: improving metabolism (devesil), improving digestion (thyme), relieving flatulence (basil).

Color Blue and purple are the flowers of thyme. Basil has pale purple to white flowers. Devesil, as part of the special selection of herb seeds for a slender figure, will fill your garden with yellow-green small flowers.

Height Thyme and basil reach a height of about 30 cm, and devesil – 150.
Flowering period Herbs for a slender figure bloom from June to September.
Light requirements Devesil, thyme and basil are light-loving.

Soil It is important that the soil in which you sow the herbs for a slender figure is well drained.

Winter hardiness These herbs are winter hardy, except for basil. Thyme and Devisil can be grown outdoors all year round.

Longevity Basil is an annual herb, unlike thyme and yarrow, which are perennials.

Place of the plant You can grow them outdoors, on the balcony or in a pot at home.

Sowing time The seeds of herbs for a slender figure, you can sow all year round in pots indoors. Outdoor sowing is done after the danger of frost has passed. Devesila seeds are usually sown in May-June. Thyme and basil are sown in April – May.

Sowing depth The sowing depth is extremely small. It is enough to spread the seeds evenly and cover them with a very fine layer of soil, then press them tightly to the soil.

Distance from each other 40 – 50 cm.
Germination time Seed germination takes between 2-3 weeks.
Watering Water the seeds regularly and very carefully. After germination, the herbs for a slender figure are not watered very often.
Fertilizing This mix of herbs for a slim figure is fertilized with a suitable fertilizer for herbs.

Devisil is a perennial plant. Its healing properties were known in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. During the Middle Ages, a tonic drink was prepared from it, and according to an old Bulgarian belief – its consumption gives a person „nine powers“. The herb has a tonic effect on the body, stimulates the functions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, successfully affects a number of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and others.

Basil, also known as the „royal herb“, is an annual herbaceous plant. Its use is widespread throughout the world. In short, in India it is dedicated to the god Vishnu, and in Egypt it was used to embalm the dead. One belief associated with it is that if you carry a sprig of basil in your pocket – it will bring you money – so what better occasion to plant these seeds of herbs for a slender figure at home. But back to the beneficial properties of basil.

He skillfully copes with the formation of gas and digestive problems. It is also known as a natural anti-stress depressant. You can use it for various problems, some of which are related to cholesterol, respiratory problems, etc.
Thyme, on the other hand, as part of the offered seeds of herbs for a slim figure, will help you with digestive diseases, will improve your blood circulation and will remove the accumulated toxins in your body to look and feel just as good.

It is good to plant all the seeds of herbs for a slender figure from April to June, and you can harvest between May and September. They can be added as fresh or dried spices to salads, soups and more. Enjoy a beautiful figure with the help of nature, choosing to bring the healing power of herbal seeds for a slim figure in your home, right now.

Package size – 11.5 / 16 cm
Net weight – 3 g.
Product weight – 0.005 kg (5.00 g)
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Note: On the back of the packaging of the seeds of herbs for a slender figure are indicated the date of packaging, net weight, expiration date, batch number, country of origin and type of seeds (ST – standard seeds).

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