Seeds herbs for healthy and beautiful hair – Latin, chamomile, calendula

The proposed seeds of herbs for healthy hair are a set of plants that will help strengthen your hair and nourish the scalp. By using them instead of artificially made cosmetics, you will make your hair shine and be much healthier. As you know, there is nothing better than natural ingredients and ways to use to look and feel better.

And here’s what awaits you in this mix of herbal hair seeds. By sowing the seeds you will grow the natural gifts of calendula, Latin and chamomile.
Marigold has a bactericidal function and soothes scalp irritations. It has long been known that it helps with any skin irritation, and now, in this combination of herbal plants, you can use it to soothe the scalp. In this case, you could also use calendula essential oil, which will enhance the color of your hair. Latin, in turn, strengthens the structure of the hair, and chamomile slightly lightens the hair and gives it shine.

Chamomile is also known to be used frequently by blondes. Women with blonde hair use it to strengthen their hair and enhance the color of their hair. However, even if you do not have blonde hair, this herb will have a beneficial effect on you. It also promotes growth.

How to use the crop you have grown from seed herbs for hair?
It is necessary to infuse the flowers of the plants within 15 minutes with boiling water. When cool, use the resulting solution to rinse your hair.

Chamomile, calendula and Latin are some of the plants that are undoubtedly worth growing at home. In this case, the offered combination of seeds of herbs for healthy and beautiful hair can help you strengthen and strengthen the hair on the scalp, but let’s not forget about the other healing properties of these plants.

You can also use chamomile for problems with the digestive system, for example. Be sure to learn more about the benefits of sowing the seeds of hair herbs that will make you not only look better, but also feel the same way.

Chamomile color has white flowers with a yellow disk, Marigold and Latin will in turn surprise you with yellow to orange flowers.
Height Latin – up to 3 m.
Camomile – up to 15 cm.
Marigold – up to 50 cm.

Flowering period Latina blooms from May to September, Camomile – from July to August, and Nevena – from June to August.
Light requirements All three plants prefer sunny places.
Soil Sow the seeds of herbs for healthy hair in fertile humus soil.
Winter hardiness They are not winter hardy.
Longevity Annual species.

Plant location Use in the garden and yard, as well as in boxes on the terrace and balcony.

Sowing time From March to June.
Sowing depth Sow shallow – no more than 1 cm deep.
Distance from each other Leave at least 50 cm between individual plants.
Germination time In about 2 weeks the seeds of hair herbs germinate.
Watering Water your herbs regularly.
Fertilization Use organic fertilizers for spices and herbs so as not to contaminate your medicinal plants.

These types of hair herbs are also used for decoration by professional gardeners who maintain green areas in front of family hotels, resorts, chalets and more. in Gyulovtsa, Orizare, Cholakova Cheshma, Popovich, Priseltsi, Obzor, Emona, Morsko and others.

Each package of seeds from the mix contains three sachets of seeds packaged separately in Latin, chamomile and calendula.

Note: On the back of each package with seeds of spices and herbs for healthy and beautiful hair there is a shelf life of the seeds.

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