Cascading begonia seeds for hanging baskets 10 pcs.

You can order cascading begonia seeds online from our online store. The flower is not capricious, needs regular watering and partial shade. You can also grow the plant in sunny places, but do not allow direct sunlight on the begonia, especially at noon.

In the package ordered from our online store for the garden, you will find 10 pelleted seeds of kitsch begonia cascade. The pellets facilitate the sowing of begonia seeds. It is enough to lightly press them to the soil without covering them with soil and watering regularly.

To provide a higher relative humidity (as needed for seed germination) it is best to sow them under glass. A suitable cultivation scheme is the following:
From sowing begonia seeds to transplanting – 7 weeks;
From transplanting to flowering – 13-14 weeks;

It blooms with larger showy colors in yellow, white, pink, and all shades of red.

Color Mix of showy colors painted in white, yellow, red, or pink.
Height 10 – 40 cm.
Flowering period Throughout the active season.
Light requirement Sunny (no direct sun) or partial shade.

Soil Well drained, fertile soil.
Winter hardiness Not winter hardy.
Longevity Perennial flower in the interior and annual in the exterior.

Location of the plant Can be grown outdoors in the yard or indoors, for example in a box or plastic pot.

Sowing time You can sow begonia seeds in April in a greenhouse, if you will watch the cascading begonia indoors at home, you can sow the seeds in November – December.

Depth of sowing It is enough for each pelleted seed to be pressed very lightly to the soil, without being additionally covered with soil from above.
Distance from each other 20 – 25 cm.

Germination time The seeds of the cascading begonia germinate in a few weeks.

Watering Do not allow over-wetting and drying. Water regularly, especially until the seeds germinate.
Fertilization During the flowering period of begonias it is best to feed with suitable fertilizers for flowering plants.

Sow the seeds of the cascading begonia in a plastic hanging pot or box of your choice and place it on the porch of your villa. As begonias do not like direct sunlight, suitable places that are illuminated in the morning by the sun or late in the afternoon.

If your balcony is properly exposed, you can enjoy abundant flowering all summer, and to continue to enjoy the beautiful flower, let it overwinter in a warm room in your house. The cascading kitsch begonia can be grown in courtyards, conservatories, offices, suitable interior flower is also for hotel rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms and more.

Sow the seeds of a cascading begonia in a pot, and once the flower grows, you can propagate it by cuttings, and why not make a gift to a friend or other begonia lover!
{tab = Technical specifications}
Package size – 15/8 cm
A number of seeds in a package: 10 pcs.
Product weight – 0.005 kg (5.00 g)

Note: On the back of each package of seeds of Cascading Begonia there is a shelf life of the seeds, a percentage of their germination and a country of origin.

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