Seeds of Tuberous Begonia 10 pcs.

Tuberous Begonia is a large-flowered begonia that belongs to the Begoniaceae family and originates from South America.

This not-so-demanding plant, which blooms almost all year round (if grown indoors) can now be easily grown from the varietal seeds of the online store!

This type of begonia will delight you with gorgeous large flowers (like a rose), painted in white, red, or yellow. It is best to grow large-flowered begonias in partial shade or in the sun, but without direct sunlight.

It is important to know that begonias do not tolerate large temperature fluctuations, as well as very high temperatures. To enjoy this wonderful large-flowering species for a long time, it is necessary to provide a place that is protected from drafts. Always water with filtered water if possible and be careful not to wet the leaves and flowers (wetting the leaves and flowers increases the risk of developing fungal diseases).

To protect the plant from stagnant water, which it does not tolerate, when sowing the seeds of large-flowered begonia, make good drainage of the soil, for example, with small and larger stones in the pot. It is also good for the soil to be loose and the humidity to be higher.

To enjoy abundant and permanent flowering, regularly remove overblown flowers.
Color The large-flowered begonia blooms with large, rose-like flowers that are colored yellow, white or red.
Height 10 – 40 cm.
Flowering period Throughout the active season.
Light requirements Do not allow direct sunlight, especially at noon, it is best to sow the seeds of large-flowered begonias in partial shade.
Soil A prerequisite for the proper cultivation of begonias is to sow these varietal seeds in soil rich in nutrients, which has very good drainage properties.
Winter hardiness The plant is not winter hardy.
Longevity Begonia is perennial if grown indoors. If you have decided to grow it outdoors, keep in mind that it is not winter hardy.

Plant location Ideal for indoor cultivation. Also suitable for the exterior, but with storage in winter.

Sowing time You can sow the seeds of the large-flowered begonia in a greenhouse in April and move them to their permanent place in May. If you have decided to grow begonias as an indoor plant, you can sow the seeds at home in pots for seedlings in November – December.

Depth of sowing After printing the bag with varietal seeds of large-flowered begonia you will find 10 pcs. pelleted seeds that are sown extremely easily. Take the seed and press it lightly to the soil without covering it with soil. Water regularly until the pellets are completely dissolved and do not forget to maintain a high relative humidity until the germs emerge (place the containers under glass).
Distance from each other 20 – 25 cm.
Germination time The seeds of the large-flowered begonia germinate in 3-4 weeks.

Watering Water regularly and be careful not to soak the plant.
Fertilizing From the moment the buds form, feed regularly every two weeks with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

The seeds of large-flowered begonias are best sown in pots to grow indoors. This species can be grown on the exterior and can be used not only for arranging curbs but also for building flower beds. Outdoors, the begonia is grown as an annual as it is not winter hardy. At home, you can arrange the begonia in a suitable plastic pot and enjoy almost year-round flowering.

As for pests, you need to protect the beautiful flower especially from aphids, which attack begonias most often, due to the use of soil substrate that is not dewormed. We recommend that you use a universal soil substrate with a guaranteed origin for the best results.

The other most common diseases on begonias are powdery mildew (appearance of gray deposits on the leaves and buds) and gray rot (appearance of dry spots on the leaves). At the first signs of some of these diseases, take immediate action by treating diseased plants with appropriate plant protection products. Apart from seeds, begonias can also be grown from cuttings.
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Package size – 15/8 cm
Number of seeds in a package: 10 pcs.
Product weight – 0.005 kg (5.00 g)
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Note: On the back of each package of Large-flowered Begonia seeds there is the shelf life of the seeds, a percentage of their germination, and a country of origin.

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