Seeds of Tuberous Begonia 10 pcs.

Tuberous Begonia is a large-flowered begonia that belongs to the Begoniaceae family and originates from South America.

This not-so-demanding plant, which blooms almost all year round (if grown indoors) can now be easily grown from the varietal seeds of the online store!

This type of begonia will delight you with gorgeous large flowers (like a rose), painted in white, red, or yellow. It is best to grow large-flowered begonias in partial shade or in the sun, but without direct sunlight.

It is important to know that begonias do not tolerate large temperature fluctuations, as well as very high temperatures. To enjoy this wonderful large-flowering species for a long time, it is necessary to provide a place that is protected from drafts. Always water with filtered water if possible and be careful not to wet the leaves and flowers (wetting the leaves and flowers increases the risk of developing fungal diseases).

To protect the plant from stagnant water, which it does not tolerate, when sowing the seeds of large-flowered begonia, make good drainage of the soil, for example, with small and larger stones in the pot. It is also good for the soil to be loose and the humidity to be higher.

To enjoy abundant and permanent flowering, regularly remove overblown flowers.
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